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The cost volume formula we discussed here is in the form of linear equation. Cost volume formulas can also be quadratic or other complex forms which are more accurate and thus suitable for practical use.

Total Fixed Cost is the sum of pure fixed cost, such as rent on factory building and property taxes; and the fixed component of mixed costs, such as total fixed cost on delivery trucks i.e. straight line depreciation expense.

Cost volume formula is a cost accounting relation used to estimate production cost of a given number of units of a product. A linear cost volume formula is of the following form:

For this purpose, mixed costs are split into their fixed and variable components by using any of the following techniques:

What Are Forex Robots

Forex Books for Beginners -
Forex Books for Beginners -

10 As to how much time the third respondent spent in Palla’s office, there is also no unanimity between him and Palla. In this regard it seems to be common cause that the third respondent spent very little time in the control room. The third respondent was cross-examined extensively about how he spent the morning and afternoon of the 10th August. With regard to the afternoon his evidence seemed to be unsatisfactory in certain respects but, having regard to the fact that he was not charged with being away from the control room without an acceptable explanation, I do not think that the fact that his evidence in this regard was unsatisfactory has any effect on the matter.

“The Radio Controller is responsible as per authorised Job Description and must, discuss any difficulties with duties with the Planner.

26 The appellant was aggrieved by the arbitration award that was issued by the commissioner. It then brought an application in the Labour Court for the award to be reviewed and set aside. The review application came before Pillay J who dismissed the review application. She found that no proper basis had been shown for the Labour Court to interfere with the arbitration award of the commissioner in this matter. It is against that order of the Labour Court that the appellant now appeals to this Court.

“32.2 In addition to all the above terms and conditions, the terms and conditions set out in The (sic) more detailed Personnel Policies and Procedures manual, as they are amended, Apply (sic) (copy is available on request).

35 Ms Myers, who chaired the disciplinary inquiry, also testified in the arbitration. Myers also dealt in her evidence with the third charge relating to the third respondent’s refusal to undergo the polygraph test. She also dealt with the fourth charge relating to the third respondent’s failure to arrive at certain venues for the disciplinary hearing at specific times. She provided absolutely no information with regard to the first charge, namely, gross negligence. It became clear during her evidence that in effect she regarded the second charge as the main charge. That is the allegation that the third respondent had failed to ensure that there was an escort vehicle available as back up at the airport before the aeroplane could land. It was in relation to the second charge that in her evidence she referred to the third respondent’s evidence about where he was on the day of the incident. Since Myers was the person who made the decision to dismiss the third respondent, her evidence as to the reasons for the sanction of dismissal are the reasons on the basis of which the fairness of the third respondent’s dismissal must be assessed.

62 The Control Room Manual was the only document the contents of which could conceivably be said to include further terms and conditions of employment of the third respondent in addition to those terms and conditions, including duties, contained in his written contract of employment. In this regard it needs to be borne in mind that clause 32.3 of the contract of employment provides that “(t)his contract of employment shall constitute the entire contract between the appellant and the third respondent . No other employment contract or promises apply.” In the light of this it seems to me that, subject to one qualification, what the third respondent’s duties were must be found within the four corners of the third respondent’s written contract of employment. The qualification I refer to is that, if a duty is not provided for in the written contract but is to be found in another source to which the contract does refer, then such duty will be the third respondent’s duty because such source can be treated as incorporated by reference into the contract of employment.

Forex Trading for beginners on the App Store
Forex Trading for beginners on the App Store

Previously, many offshore (meaning any country but Canada) binary options brokers were regulated in fairly reputable jurisdictions like Cyprus or Japan and offered their services from there to Canadians, but that was halted in 2015-2016 for the most part.

There are multiple and often conflicting sets of rules at play regarding the legality of binary options. Canadian law doesn’t yet reference binary options directly but the Canadian securities authorities note that no binary options brokers are licensed or regulated in Canada. However, that does not stop brokers from other countries from offering their services to Canadian traders.

Canadians wishing to get involved are wondering are binary options legal in Canada, and if so, if there are any particular terms of which they should be aware.

Today in 2017 Canadians looking to trade binary options as a financial instrument have very limited options in who they trade with. While that’s a sad fact for those who like to trade binary options, there are still at this time fully regulated high quality brokers in first world countries ready and willing to take Canadian business.

Canada currently has the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) agency, which was formed by securities regulators of all ten provinces and three territories. The CSA is an umbrella organization whose objective is to try to streamline the diverse capital markets in operation across the country.

When researching a broker, traders should ensure that it is trustworthy, reputable, and applies fair trading practices. Fortunately all the companies listed on our website are licensed and regulated, just not by Canada itself.

Because different provinces have their own financial regulations, we explore the question of binary options legality on a province by province basis.

There is discussion among Canadian regulators on whether to ban binary options outright, but it appears there is much pushback to the idea. It’s up in the air as to whether binary options will have a long term future in Canada, but until then we will recommend and list only top-quality regulated brokers on our site.


These are really simple forex trading systems suitable for beginners
These are really simple forex trading systems suitable for beginners

We're planning on launching a premium members service with extra tools and information to assist you with your trading.

Members will enjoy the site ad-free.

Additional info showing standard deviation lines / percentage probability of price being reached, based on current implied volatility.

Here are just some of the ideas we're looking at including...

Ability to set brokerage rates and include them in the results.

Download an excel or csv spreadsheet of search results.

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Forex Trading for Beginners Building an FX Strategy that Works the Key M + DP = IS | Forex Tutorials
Forex Trading for Beginners Building an FX Strategy that Works the Key M + DP = IS | Forex Tutorials

While they have similar risk/reward profiles, this strategy differs from the short iron butterfly in that a negative cash flow occurs up front, and any positive cash flow is uncertain and would occur somewhere in the future.

This strategy profits if the underlying stock is at the body of the butterfly at expiration.

The potential profit and loss are both very limited. In essence, a butterfly at expiration has a minimum value of zero and a maximum value equal to the distance between either wing and the body. An investor who buys a butterfly pays a premium somewhere between the minimum and maximum value, and profits if the butterfly's value moves toward the maximum as expiration approaches.

The strategy breaks even if at expiration the underlying stock is above the lower strike or below the upper strike by the amount of the premium paid to initiate the position.

The investor is looking for the underlying stock to achieve a specific price target at expiration.

And be aware, a situation where a stock is involved in a restructuring or capitalization event, such as a merger, takeover, spin-off or special dividend, could completely upset typical expectations regarding early exercise of options on the stock.

The Best Forex Trading Tips For Beginners | Personal Finance Magazine
The Best Forex Trading Tips For Beginners | Personal Finance Magazine

Here is some simple math for those who are not Office power users with one PC. For one PC, Office 365 is $100 per year. For one PC, Office Home and Student is $140. You can use Office Home and Student for as many years as you like. You'll do fine with a boxed version of Office 2013.

Like any subscription product, your ability to use the service is tied to your yearly subscription fee. If you stop paying, your Office software goes away. You’ll still have all your documents on SkyDrive or your local hard drive, of course, but you won’t be able to use the editing features in Office once your subscription runs out.

Five PC installations for $100 a year is a pretty good deal. On top of that, you also get a few freebies including 60 minutes of international Skype calling per month and an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage.

Office on Demand lets you run several Office apps including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. Once you’re done with the Office program it stops working and doesn’t count against your Office installs.

RELATED: Decoding Microsoft Office: Which Office version does what?

Hyper competitive work environment with strong compensation for your time

Good compensation and benefits if you work hard and get yourself noticed (in 2 reviews)

Good pay and benefits. Kitchen freebies.

Extremely long hours; some non-supportive staff (in 2 reviews)

Work hard and you will have the chance to grow and eventually get compensated if you business is doing well

Is Nadex Safe

The rising number of risky auto loans are a sure source of worry but can they throw the larger US economy into a tailspin like the subprime housing crisis.

Serbia finds success yet faces challenges as it works to take its place on the world economic stage.

All these extremely fragile and underdeveloped economies have either recently been through a civil war or are suffering from ongoing sectarian or ethnic conflicts.

Allan Hadid, chief operating officer of BTG Pactual Asset Management, speaks with Global Finance about investment strategies, local presence and his firm’s unusual approach.

Company executives are under greater pressure to respond to global issues, as business and politics intersect in new ways.

Major international organizations classify countries by different factors. One criterion that is often used is gross national income (GNI) per capita – the dollar value of a country’s final income in a year, divided by its population

Global Finance rankings of the world's ten richest countries in 2016 homes in on a common attribute.

From upscale department store Neiman Marcus to organic grocer Whole Foods, major luxury retailers and grocery chains are playing musical chairs in C-suites and boardrooms as they streamline management and change creative roles amid declining in-store sales.

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