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Move over, Bernie: Durkan pushes for free college tuition in Seattle
Move over, Bernie: Durkan pushes for free college tuition in Seattle

A penny stock is loosely categorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission as one that trades for less than $5 per share and usually has a relatively small market capitalization (i.e., company value).

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The data collected for Operation KKK was gathered over approximately 11 months, and those included on this list were identified by human sources - "through both overt (interviewing expert sources) and covert (digital espionage / social engineering) methods," Anonymous said.

The affiliate, known as Ghost Squad, launched a full scale Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack which overwhelmed the site of the White Knights of the KKK - one of its most militant and extremist chapters - and brought it down. As of writing, the website remains offline.

In the data release, Anonymous said, "We defend free thought and free speech. The anons responsible for this operation will not support *acts* of terrorism and *acts* of hate inflicted upon the public."

The data leak was part of Anonymous' year-long Operation KKK, which is a reaction or a "form of resistance" to the racial violence threatened and incited by the KKK in 2014, against those protesting over the killing of a young black man in Ferguson, Missouri.

Individuals on the list were also pinpointed using publicly available information, like social media profiles and other multimedia on the internet.

The details include names, aliases, Facebook and Google+ profiles, among other identifying details.


Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The newest update has made the glitches worse. It delays when you're trying to play color switch which loses the round for you. I tap the screen multiple times to replay and you can see the play button highlight when you nothing happens and you have to reboot the game. It keeps freezing mid ad or right at the end after you've watched the whole 30 seconds which makes you have to reboot the game again. In the last half hour of play I've rebooted the game 15 times. Please fix I love this game and the amount of variety but the glitches and freezing is making me hate it. Please and thank you.

Over 180,000,000 downloads worldwide!Play now the #1 addictive game of the year!Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups.You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it ! Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.

This game is my favorite way to pass the time. I can't speak for ads, having bought the ad free, but it's super fun. It very rarely glitches. Some of the game modes are just repeats of the old ones, but I've been playing since before game modes were added and these new ones seem to be interesting to new players. However, recently, the game modes have gotten slightly more original. A complaint I have is that once you buy all the balls there isn't anything to do with your stars. Overall, this is a fantastic game!

Epix Trader Software By Mark Evans is a Forex Trading Signal system that will trade on the Forex Trading market for Epix Trader beta testers
Epix Trader Software By Mark Evans is a Forex Trading Signal system that will trade on the Forex Trading market for Epix Trader beta testers

ChartTreker: a charting platform to help you find good trades. It lets you analyze multiple charts simultaneously. It has 4 themes, 16 popular studies, and watchlist capability. The premium version offers even more features.

There are plenty of apps that can show you how your favorite stocks are doing. They are useful when you need to quickly look up that data, but you are going to need much more info to make investing decisions and track your portfolio. These iOS apps can help you with stock analysis:

StockTouch: an elegant application that helps you keep up with your favorite stocks easier. It covers 9 sectors, 5,000+ companies, 40,000 charts, and 50,000 news stories. You can use it to monitor price, volume, and historical information easily.

Stock Guru Pro: a stock analysis tool that helps you make better investment decisions. It offers analysis of stocks for risk, valuation, financial strength and momentum. This is a universal app.

Stock Master: offers real-time stock quotes, push notifications, portfolio management, interactive charts, and technical analysis drawing.

TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader: a free application that helps you trade stocks, options, EFTs, and more. You can scan multi-touch charts, access real-time quotes, view streaming news, track performance metrics, and more.

Stock Trader Professional: this is an app for those interested in technical analysis and real-time trading. It lets you share ideas with others, view historical data, and keep up with new signals.

Trade Interceptor: helps you trade FOREX, commodities and binary options. It has 80 technical analysis indicators, pattern recognition, and over 40 graphical tools.

Commission Autopilot Automatic Money Making Software - Youtube
Commission Autopilot Automatic Money Making Software - Youtube

KouKOfava (κουκόφαβα) or fava bean spread originally hails from the island of Crete and is a positively delicious, incredibly nutritious and absolutely beautiful spread made from fava or broad beans. Each bite of fava bean spread comes with a natural boost of B vitamins, plant protein, minerals, anti oxidants and fiber. I absolutely LOVE it on everything but most especially, on toasted multigrain bread drizzled in olive oil. Koukofava – the breakfast Continue Reading →

You have NEVER had cauliflower this good before! Braised cauliflower (kounoup-I-thi kapam-A) is indescribably delicious and this from a person who normally quite dislikes cauliflower. With basically 5 ingredients and about 45 minutes, you can enjoy one of the simplest, most wonderful dishes in all of traditional Greek cooking – can you tell I’m a fan yet?!

Simple and quick with just a 30 min rise, you’ll love making your own pita bread! Once you do, store-bought will never taste the same 🙂

You can tell this cake recipe has it’s roots in Asia Minor from these key ingredients: white (fancy) flour, white sugar AND spiced almond milk. The Persians brought almond milk to Constantinople and the trick to using it in baking will change the way you use, and drink, almond milk forever more! Continue Reading →

Auto paidverts software free download. This software is not available coming soon
Auto paidverts software free download. This software is not available coming soon

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No matter where you are, our mobile apps help you stay connected with an incarcerated loved one or friend. Send messages, uploads photos, and make deposits on the go!

To be verified, you can make a deposit, schedule a visit or download and complete the Telmate Verified form.

If you are asked to be Telmate Verified it means your facility requires verification of your identity prior to acceptance of inmates' calls. The purpose of verification is to ensure inmates are not connecting with inappropriate people on the outside. The verification process is simple and can be completed before or after creating an account.

The Battle Between Stress and Frugality - The Simple Dollar
The Battle Between Stress and Frugality - The Simple Dollar

ShareOwner: Canada’s First ETF Robo-Advisor

Free captcha admin panel and software panels
Free captcha admin panel and software panels

Swagbucks is an extremely popular online survey web service that provides its users with a host of potential earning possibilities. It also offers two mobile apps. Unfortunately neither of these apps are survey apps, but chances are that over time, Swagbucks will create a survey app to keep up with its competitors. The two apps Swagbucks offers includes a web search app (for using Swagbucks as your search engine) and an TV-channel app (where you get paid to watch video clips). Stay tuned for more Swagbucks apps down the road.

The reason you got interested in online paid surveys to begin with was because you wanted an easy way to get paid. Then you realized it could be a pain to have to dedicate time to sit at your laptop or computer. “I want to go out,” you might have said. Or, “I want to go to the living room and sit on the couch.” Suddenly, online surveys became more of a hassle than you wanted. But with paid surveys going mobile, you can now truly take advantage of working on your own schedule, no matter where you are in the world.

This is the age of mobile browsing. Nearly everyone has a smartphone. In fact, Strategy Analytics recently reported that more than 1 billion people worldwide use smartphones. That’s 1 in 7 people. And these users aren’t just checking their phones every now and then. Nearly 40 percent of smartphone users play with their phone while in the bathroom. Thirty percent check their phones while eating with others. It seems there is no end to how often we check our phones. With all those active smartphone users, mobile apps have become the hottest thing.

Paid survey panels understand this, which is why most of the respectable and worthwhile paid survey panels online have created ways for you to take surveys for money from your mobile phone.

Getting paid via online surveys for money from your phone is the simplest way to earn extra cash without having to even move from wherever it is you might be at the time. Here are some of the ways that you can get paid to take surveys from your mobile phone. Most of the recommendations here are from online surveys for money review website,

We are one of the best online training institutes, helping students to build a great career online.

Your biggest commitment might be downloading the apps from your app store. After that, it’s as easy as texting or playing a game on your phone.

Can be Opteck fraud? Truly Opteck trading review

Speech to Text 100% Free, Accurate, Fast, Speech to Text Software
Speech to Text 100% Free, Accurate, Fast, Speech to Text Software

Let's take a real life example: Many investors are bullish on Apple ( AAPL , quote ) but also feel that $58,000 is a lot of money to pay for 100 shares. However, an investor could purchase a January 2013 425 call with a delta of .90 for roughly $16,500. While still expensive, such a strategy would allow for an investor to make 90% of the profits as if he purchased 100 shares of AAPL, but for less than a third of the price.

Essentially, this is why deep-in-the-money options are a great strategy for long-term investors, especially compared to at-the-money and out-of-the-money options. By gaining exposure to a given equity for a fraction of the price as owning one hundred shares of the underlying stock, while maintaining capital in the event your investment plan does not materialize as envisaged, deep-in-the-money calls can be a fantastic instrument, even for new investors.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

Making Good Money With Automatic Forex Trading Software | Make
Making Good Money With Automatic Forex Trading Software | Make

In many applications, the masses are constant and this equation reduces to

There is also a corresponding principle for static systems called the principle of virtual work for applied forces.

Moving the inertial forces to the left gives an expression that can be considered to represent quasi-static equilibrium, but which is really just a small algebraic manipulation of Newton's law: 6

To illustrate the concept of d'Alembert's principle, let's use a simple model with a weight W \displaystyle W , suspended from a wire. The weight is subjected to a gravitational force, W = m g \displaystyle W=mg , and a tension force T \displaystyle T in the wire. The mass accelerates upward with an acceleration a \displaystyle a . Newton's Second Law becomes T − W = m a \displaystyle T-W=ma or T = W + m a \displaystyle T=W+ma . As an observer with feet planted firmly on the ground, we see that the force T \displaystyle T accelerates the weight, W \displaystyle W , but, if we are moving with the wire we don’t see the acceleration, we feel it. The tension in the wire seems to counteract an acceleration “force” m a \displaystyle ma or ( W / g ) a \displaystyle (W/g)a .

hold. The important thing is that ∑ T \displaystyle \sum T is the sum of torques (or moments, including the inertial moment and the moment of the inertial force) taken about any point. The direct application of Newton's laws requires that the angular acceleration equation be applied only about the center of mass.

The original vector equation could be recovered by recognizing that the work expression must hold for arbitrary displacements. Separating the total forces into applied forces, F i \displaystyle \mathbf F _ i , and constraint forces, C i \displaystyle \mathbf C _ i , yields 6

We know it's important for you to gain knowledge and expertise quickly in order to differentiate yourself in the workplace or in today's competitive job market. To support this effort, the courses within this degree program are sequenced so that you'll earn a specialized certificate before you complete the requirements for your degree. Below are the certificates you may earn while working towards your degree.

Our online accounting associate degree will prepare you to succeed in this fast-growing field. The program will help you to develop the necessary accounting skills and business acumen that employers are looking for. This AS degree is an excellent opportunity for those who have found themselves in an accounting related role and are seeking formal training and education. Our online AS in Accounting is also beneficial for anyone looking to enter the accounting field with a solid base of foundational knowledge and business skills to launch their career.Should you decide to continue your education, all credits earned while achieving your online Associate Degree in Accounting are directly transferrable to our online Bachelor's in Accounting degree program.

Ready to get started? Create an account and begin your application today. There is no fee to apply.

Is this what you're looking for in an accounting program? Apply today (there's no application fee), or visit our admission requirements page to learn more about the application process.

GSN acquired the rerun rights to the U.S. Millionaire in August 2003. 86 The network initially aired only episodes from the three seasons of the original prime-time run; however, additional episodes were later added. These included the Super Millionaire spin-off, 87 which aired on GSN from May 2005 to January 2007, and the first two seasons of the syndicated version, which began airing on November 10, 2008. 88

The original executive producers of the U.S. Millionaire were British television producers Michael Davies and Paul Smith, 51 the latter of whom undertook the responsibility of licensing Millionaire to American airwaves as part of his effort to transform the UK program into a global franchise. 52 Smith served until 2007 and Davies until 2010; additionally, Leigh Hampton (previously co-executive producer in the later days of the network version and in the syndicated version's first two seasons) served as an executive producer from 2004 to 2010. Rich Sirop, who was previously a supervising producer, became the executive producer in 2010 and held that position until 2014, when he left Millionaire to hold the same position with Vieira's newly launched syndicated talk show, 53 and was replaced by James Rowley. Vincent Rubino, who had previously been the syndicated Millionaire's supervising producer for its first two seasons, 51 served as that version's co-executive producer for the 2004–05 season, 54 after which he was succeeded by Vieira herself, who continued to hold the title until her departure in 2013 (sharing her position with Sirop for the 2009–10 season). 51

When the ninth syndicated season began on September 13, 2010, the format was overhauled. Ten questions were asked in round one, each assigned one of ten different money amounts which were randomized at the beginning of the game, as were the questions themselves. The difficulty of the questions was not tied to the dollar value. The dollar values for each question remained hidden until a contestant either provided a correct answer or chose to "jump" the question. The value of each question answered correctly was added to the contestant's bank, for a maximum total of $68,600. A contestant who completed the round successfully could walk at any subsequent point with all the money in their bank, or could walk without completing the round with half that amount (e.g., a contestant who banked $30,000 would leave with $15,000). 5 After completing round one, the contestant moved on to a second round of gameplay (the "Classic Millionaire" round), in which four non-categorized questions were played for set non-cumulative values and a correct answer augmented the contestant's winnings to that point, as in the older formats. 5 The shuffle format changes, including the randomization and double-round distribution of questions, were reverted for the fourteenth syndicated season.

The U.S. version of Millionaire was launched by ABC as a half-hour primetime program on August 16, 1999. 69 When it premiered, it became the first U.S. network game show to offer a million-dollar top prize to contestants. 1 After airing thirteen episodes and reaching an audience of 15 million viewers by the end of the show's first week on the air, the program expanded to an hour-long format when it returned in November. 70 The series, of which episodes were originally shown only a day after their initial taping, was promoted to regular status on January 18, 2000 71 and, at the height of its popularity, was airing on ABC five nights a week. 72 The show was so popular during its original primetime run that rival networks created or re-incarnated game shows of their own (e.g., Greed, Twenty One, etc.), as well as importing various game shows of British and Australian origin to America (such as Winning Lines, Weakest Link, and It's Your Chance of a Lifetime).

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Play It! was an attraction at the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park (when it was known as Disney-MGM Studios) at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California. Both the Florida and California Play It! attractions opened in 2001; the California version closed in 2004, and the Florida version closed in 2006 and was replaced by Toy Story Midway Mania!

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