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livestar Securities | Our Service & Appeal

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Just tell us if you want a custom tool that tailored to your needs, or just some modifications from our original products.

Our tools are developed base on MetaTrader platform, the most popular trading platform in the forex industry. They are very easy and convenient to use, while bring you a lot of benefits with advanced trading features.

Target on traders' needs: We understand what traders need and make our softwares to fit that with best quality.

Friendly design and usage: Every settings is controlled right on the panel with clear instruction, it's even easy for newbie.

Trading professional: Your trading will be more professional with outstanding trading features compared to native trading platform.

Auto Trading gives you the ability to take advantage of technology power in order to automate and systematize your trading.

Trading automated:It saves your time and effort while increase accuracy and confident as well as eliminate negative emotion.

Seven Free Forex Trading Tools You Should Be Using - Trading
Seven Free Forex Trading Tools You Should Be Using - Trading

There are other blogging platforms – one of the most popular being – that involve ‘self-hosting’ – and if you don’t know what that is, it’s probably not the best option for you. Self-hosting gives you greater flexibility over the content of the blog, but it’s much more technical and not recommended unless you’re very comfortable with finding your way around the back end of a website (or you don’t mind sending every single post and edit to your IT department to take care of for you!). If you’re an IT class learning about technical things such as coding, this might be a good educational experience in itself, but with so many much easier options, it isn’t going to be the ideal choice for most.

These platforms, and others like them, guide you through the process of setting up a blog in a user-friendly way, making the whole thing straightforward and stress-free.

Students should be blogging more than we can assess – that’s just so true. I set up a task for classroom blogging and so far students are really enjoying it. Educators should try it more 🙂

Blogging demonstrates enthusiasm for the subject, and a willingness to share ideas with others, as well as developing enthusiasm for communicating ideas in a way that will prove useful beyond the classroom. It also teaches students about the importance of ‘responsible journalism’ such as backing up ideas with concrete evidence, citing research and so on.

These sites are similar to those above, but are tailored specifically towards the education sector.

If students are to write about a subject on a public platform like a blog, they need to be completely familiar with the subject and comfortable expressing an opinion about it. This encourages a deeper understanding and greater engagement with the subject. Unlike when they write an essay that only the teacher will read, blogging gives their work an indefinite life beyond the classroom and invites others to engage with it.

NaviTrader Trading Tools - Best Forex, Trading, Stock Download Free
NaviTrader Trading Tools - Best Forex, Trading, Stock Download Free

Globe app users click here for online broker tables comparing commissions, foreign exchange and interest rates on margin debt.

Qtrade's second-place ranking here is mainly explained by the fact that it was elbowed aside by Virtual Brokers on cost. Qtrade remains a great choice for the mainstream investor who wants state-of-the-art service in virtually all respects. Still, we'll have to keep an eye on Qtrade, now that Desjardins Group owns a 40-per-cent stake. Desjardins is the parent of Disnat, which has been looking up – way up – at Qtrade for years in this ranking. Qtrade says it has assurances from Desjardins that it will continue to operate independently, but you have to wonder about the economics of one firm running two separate online brokers.

Big blue is a strong overall broker that was ahead of the curve in offering personalized account reporting and U.S.-dollar RRSPs. Research tools are quite good, but it's an irritation that RBC Dominion Securities stock research is reserved for active traders and high-net-worth clients. On mutual funds, RBC is both hero and villain. Clients can now buy low-fee, D-class versions of RBC mutual funds with a minimum of $500, down from $10,000. But funds from Mawer Investment Management, among the finest out there for DIY investors, are not sold because they pay no commission to the seller.

This category covers the variety and exclusivity of a broker's research, financial planning and stock/ETF/mutual fund screening tools.

VB is no one-trick broker. It ticks off several other key boxes in this ranking, including personalized account reporting to show clients how their portfolios are performing and the availability of U.S.-dollar registered accounts.

Scotia iTrade has one of the sharpest websites of any firm listed here, and its research tools stand out for not relying on the Morningstar data that so many other firms trundle out for clients. In fact, everything hums along for clients until they try to find the tools that show them how their portfolios have performed over the long term. There aren't any, and Scotia hasn't provided any indication of when they might be added.

Rob Carrick has been writing about personal finance, business and economics for close to 20 years. He joined The Globe and Mail in late 1996 as an investment reporter and has been personal finance columnist since November 1998.Rob's personal finance columns appear in The Globe on Tuesday and Thursday, and his Portfolio Strategy column for investors appears on Saturday. More

FREE Trading Tools - Trading EveryDay Blog
FREE Trading Tools - Trading EveryDay Blog

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Keeping production at the level it is now is in itself a success because you are netting off the natural decline in the reservoirs by adding new production of oil, (Increased production) might be in the year 2017, 2018 when gas comes from Zohr and from the West Nile Delta (fields), condensate will come, so by that time, it (oil output) may be something more.

The numerical value of nile delta in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

The Nile Delta is the delta formed in Northern Egypt where the Nile River spreads out and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the world's largest river deltas—from Alexandria in the west to Port Said in the east, it covers 240 km of Mediterranean coastline—and is a rich agricultural region. From north to south the delta is approximately 160 km in length. The Delta begins slightly down-river from Cairo.

The numerical value of nile delta in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

"nile delta." STANDS4 LLC, 2017. Web. 29 Aug. 2017. .

Football Accumulator Near Misses: 9 Punters Who Almost Won Big
Football Accumulator Near Misses: 9 Punters Who Almost Won Big

MIDP2.0 has two methods which enable to send messages: one requires a String, one requires an array of bytes. Yes, the first one is used to set text contents, the second one to set binary contents.

Note: There are special “Service Indication” messages which are normally called SL (Service Load) which are similar to “SI”. An SI asks the permission to the user before fetching the content over the network connection, SL download contents automatically without asking permission to the user. “SL” are very similar to MMS messages: the content is on a web server and the SMS tells the phone to download the message.

As we want to send a J2ME application to a new phone, then we need to send a “Service Indication” message, also known as “WAP push”. This “SI” can be used to push an SMS that will be read as a link to download something. Any content-type (image/jpeg, application/java-archive, …) is valid if the phone can open it.

Ok, let’s open the OMA link and lets go to the “Functional area” denoted “push”. Let’s get the “WAP Service Indication Specification “. In order to understand how does WBXML works, I would suggest to read paragraph 8.3.2 “Attribute Start Tokens”.

For those of you that more like DTDs, look at section 7.2. All others can skip all the doc and go to the read example at section 9. The XML there is pretty self explanatory so I will do some customization directly.

FREE Trading Tools
FREE Trading Tools

The jerseys are just two colors royal blue and white.

The team started selling the new merchandise on the Thunder website Thursday afternoon.

Want one of these new jerseys? Buy it online here.

Mourinho has since reached even loftier heights, but what was it that
Mourinho has since reached even loftier heights, but what was it that

It also supports some tricky controllers which are not covered by other tools.

Read/modify service history data which contains date, mileage and diagnostic device ID.

You can read/write eeprom and internal/external flash memories (where available)

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If you haven’t experienced these four Extras, now is the perfect time! Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll receive from these four Extras: • Kids Extra brings you Boomerang, a collection of kid-friendly on-demand content with Sling Kids and more • Lifestyle Plus Extra provides the Hallmark Channel, VH1, the Cooking Channel and others • Comedy Plus Extra keeps it light with channels like Spike, MTV and GSN • News Extra brings you news from around the world, including HLN

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At Sling TV, we’re all about choice, listening to our customers and giving them control over their entertainment experience. That’s why we were the first to deliver a new pay-TV model with no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, no cable guy, no credit checks and no useless channels. As we’ve grown, we’ve also seen our customers become more diverse in what they want from their TV. Some consumers want a skinny “bundle;” others want to pick and choose the specific channel genres like sports; while others want a true cable replacement service. The good news is all these consumer needs can be achieved with Sling TV and all at an industry-leading low price!

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