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We at have done an extensive research of almost every binary options broker out there, and we are continuing to research new brokers every single day. Out of all of the brokers screened, we have put together a list of the most trustworthy binary options brokers.

Customer service can be tricky to contact until you are a registered client. 24/7/365 support is rare and even suspicious, so don’t let that be your benchmark. Most reputable brokers give around 14 hours per day, Monday to Friday. The best way to evaluate customer service standards (other than trading with them for several months) is to simply call them. If they pick up the first time you call it’s a good sign. Have at least three questions prepared and see how knowledgeable they are. If they start putting you on hold or transferring you with delays, then in all likelihood they are disorganized and don’t deserve your business. Another fast indicator is the response time of an account manager when you open an account. If they don’t call you on the first day or within the first 24 hours, they are not on the ball. Great brokers will make contact as soon as possible to make sure new clients don’t make rookie mistakes or get overwhelmed by the learning process.

For this you should go to the broker’s Terms and Conditions first, but this is only half the story. Read through every line of the T+C looking for withdrawal restrictions, hidden costs, or latent fees that are activated when a combination of circumstances occur. Take your time and contact customer service about anything unclear. You will have a few questions!

So, how can you check for yourself if a brand is trustworthy? Here are a few pointers on things you must check:

When a broker is regulated, you can relax knowing they are well capitalized. Regulated brokers must deposit very large funds with the regulator which are kept in reserve in case the broker cannot pay its clients for any reason. If a broker is regulated by CySec you can be sure they have capital in excess of €1 million. You’re looking for a segregated account. A bank or securities account in which the customer’s funds are held separate from the funds of the brokerage firm. This is done to create a distinct separation so client funds cannot be accessed for company costs. This basically means if some tragedy shifts the markets and the broker suffers, your funds will not be at risk in any way. If your broker is regulated, you can sleep well at night knowing your funds cannot disappear overnight.

A big tell-tale sign that exposes disreputable brokers is their website. This might sound naïve, but it is an effective indicator of who the broker is. You are looking for websites that are professionally designed and attractive to the eye. A thoughtful and easy to navigate site bursting with detailed content is a good sign that the broker is reputable. The availability of webinars and other educational materials shows that the broker is planning a long term relationship and care about their client’s performance. A very easy to check positive sign.

Every broker offers trading binary options through a “platform”. There are only a number of reputable platforms which exist on the market of binary options: Spotoption, Techfinancials, Stockpair, Opteck, Panda, Tradologic, Marketpulse. If your broker is not using any of the above trading platforms, we do not recommend trading binary options with them.

You can read below how to check all of the above for yourself, or if you lack the time, you can select a broker from our list of trustworthy binary options brokers below. These are brokers which we have personally checked and screened using the above list, as well as many other parameters. We have also personally visited their physical offices, as well as met the owners of each and every broker and interviewed them about the services which they offer:

Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Live Stock Ticker Streaming
Live Stock Ticker Streaming

Price of chocolates going up? Learn how to hedge or profit from rising commodity prices via futures and options trading.

The consensus EPS forecast for the quarter is $0.29, as opposed to $0.32 the same quarter last year*. Could Gap jump over the 3 cent difference and deliver another beat? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Learn how to profit from trading crude oil using option strategy.

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Stock Market Live Quotes Streaming Financial Data Stock Footage Video

Retracement Level for the B wave – 61.8% Rule

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Live Streaming Stock Quotes | STREAMING LIVE ONLINE

Second, regarding Roth and 401K contributions, unless you need a reduction to your tax base, I have consistently read that you should be contributing up to the company match only; then maximize your Roth IRA before you contribute monies above your company match. Tax free withdrawals with Roth IRAs…and with tax rates almost certain to rise, you simply can't beat the long term benefits of Roths. My recent post Mortgage Balance (Update) – May 2014

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This is my list to reach a million buckaroos and finally attain a major money milestone- Millionaire Status. I hope to get rolling on these in the New Year and every year after that. Did you know the time frame for a dedicated investor to make a million dollars is 17 years, so get on it people.

Lastly, if your state allows it, you may want to look into peer-to-peer lending site (like Prosper and Lending Club) for capital growth and/or temporary income stream. Many have had great success with them and they certainly beat the interest you get from your standard savings account.

Nice list…just a couple of thoughts (too long so had to split up the comment): First, for your 5 dividend paying stock companies, have you given much thought as to how much you would invest in each and what your desired return would be (either percentage or dollars) per year. For instance, our family is hoping to use our dividend stocks portfolio to offset 25% of our retirement income. My recent post Mortgage Balance (Update) – May 2014

A lot of focus is needed to consistently stay on path, but I know now that I have the will power to do so. This is my current plan, but I hope to keep adding more goals to the list as I complete others. I don’t know when I’ll reach this milestone, but I just wanted to get my actions started and I’ll figure out the rest later. I hope you all out there can join me also and comment back on what your goals are to reaching a million bucks.

Debt elimination will be key to getting you started on your way to a million dollars. Before you pay off your debt you have to promise yourself that you will stop borrowing, no exceptions!

Good luck with your journey to $1million! My recent post Mortgage Balance (Update) – May 2014

Streaming Live Online Stock Quotes | STREAMING EN VIVO DIRECTO
Streaming Live Online Stock Quotes | STREAMING EN VIVO DIRECTO

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Been at this some time - and the folks over at free math help forum weren't able to assist to get a final answer. Thought I would have better luck here.

Yes. Note that plugging $t=0$ here is problematic because we work in the regime $x\le ct$. It's better to plug $x=ct$, where (by continuity) $u=0$. So, $$ 0 = G(0) + G(2x)$$ hence $G$ is identically zero.

The formula $$u(x,t) = \int_ 0 ^ x-ct h(-s/c)ds + G(ct-x) + G(x+ct)$$ is correct, although the integral is awkwardly written: the upper limit is negative. I would introduce $H(t)=\int_0^t h(s)\,ds$ and write $$ \int_ 0 ^ x-ct h(-s/c)ds = -c \int_0^ t-x/c h(\xi)\,d\xi = -c H(t-x/c) $$

So far, $$u(x,t) = -c H(t-x/c) + G(ct-x) + G(x+ct) ag 1 $$

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Stock Ticker Stock Ticker Tape | Led Stock Ticker Display For

I recently returned to AltDotLife, a big message board for women. At the top of the page, one of them wrote: “Is there reason to be concerned about the health of the board?” The writer hit the problem on the head. “We had about 20K-24K posts per month in 2008-09,” she wrote, “and that number has gotten gradually lower so that in the past several months, it’s been more like 13K-15K. And here we are 2/3 of the way through June and we’re at only 8365.”

Lori Leibovich, the founder of Kvetch, the message board of which the fertility board was a part, told me she thought message boards were becoming “almost quaint, which I find sort of sad.” She likened boards like Kvetch to “group therapy,” adding that “conversations ‘stay in the room’ and you’re invested in the individuals in the group. Social networks are about broadcasting. More about your persona than it is about you as a person.”

Like other intimate forums — for baseball fans (, say, or inmates’ loved ones ( — the fertility board I visited borrowed traditions of anonymity, sharing and familial squabbling from the recovery movement that had its heyday in the 1980s and ’90s. The boards were always long on community, and short on dough. Between 1997 and 2007, they seemed to crop up everywhere. Though people who posted on these boards digressed almost as often as they stayed on topic, the forums flew under quite specific banners: not only video games, books, music and sex, but also Spanish cars, plastic surgery, grieving, paintball and bodybuilding. Only the very biggest, like, sold ads; many ended up passing a hat for PayPal donations.

Sure, funny and stirring things happen on Facebook and Twitter, but their protocols, which stress accountability and striving over anonymity and play, tend to make social exchanges routine. The likelihood of an “i am so lonely” tone poem is reduced. I feel sure I wouldn’t post “((hugs))” to Twitter, either. “((Hugs))” belong in softer lighting; they don’t quite belong in the undignified glare of the fluorescent social networks.

It took my husband and me eight months to conceive our first child. Much of that time was passed in bored agitation, like a long wait at a Verizon Wireless store. To pass the time, swap information, and quiet my mind, I turned to an online message board for women who are Trying to Conceive — TTC, one of the first message-board acronyms I learned. Then, rapidly, I learned the rest of the lingo known to the voluble and surprisingly large community of women who turn to the Internet to ask intensely personal questions: TWW (two-week wait), BFN (“big fat negative”) and OPK (ovulator prediction kit).

The lively analysis continued for several more posts, until the group had thoroughly sized up the state of affairs. Then the discussion petered out.

A message board is different from a chat room in that its entries are archived. The archive becomes a key component of discussions, with many posters internally linking to and footnoting archived entries. When, in 2004, someone started a thread on a site for digital-video buffs called MovieCodec with “i am so lonely will anyone speak to me,” the spontaneous replies by pseudonymous posters — some sympathetic, some teasing — came to form a master document that’s both existential and hilarious. Collaborative documents like that one — made famous at the time in articles in Wired and The New Yorker — are what the Web loses when forum villagers flee for the Facebook megalopolis (population 750 million).

stock quotes live quotes stock quotes live stock stock live www
stock quotes live quotes stock quotes live stock stock live www

SpeedTrader has been crucial to my success as a trader over the past five years. They are one of the lowest cost brokers I have ever worked with, and provide multiple routing options and fast executions for both listed stocks and OTCs.

Mobile Platform Candlestick Charting, Real-Time Level 2 Quotes, Market Viewer, and More. Learn More

A day trader can only be as good as his or her tools. Speedtrader is one of the most important trading tools that gives me an extra edge. I love their platform reliability, execution speed, and their customer service. Speedtrader is my primary broker for day trading and I happily recommend them to everyone I know.

EVERYTHING YOU EXPECT & MORE: Level-2 Quotes, Advanced Charting, Direct Market Access, Customization, Hot Keys, & More.

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DTN.IQ - Streaming Real-time Stocks, Futures and Option Quotes

There are some other reasons to consider avoiding preferred stocks. First, because of the need to diversify the risks, one shouldn't buy individual preferred stocks. That means you need to buy a fund such as the aforementioned PFF and incur expenses of 0.48 percent. Since investors in Treasuries, government agencies or FDIC-insured CDs don't need to diversify, they can eliminate the expense of a fund altogether. Or, for convenience purposes they can use funds with much lower expense ratios (such as those offered by Vanguard). Thus, some of the higher yield the market requires for preferred stocks will be spent on implementing the strategy. The result is that investors don't earn the full risk premium the market requires. Second, if you buy individual issues, you have the trading costs, the lack of diversification and the need to constantly monitor credit ratings. Also, the typical lengthy maturity of preferred issues increases credit risk. Many companies might present modest credit risk in the near term, but their credit risk increases over time and tends to show up at the wrong time.

The bottom line is that preferred shares' high yields aren't sufficient to justify investing in preferred stocks. If you want or need more risk than safe fixed income investments offer, take your risks on the common stock side where you can control them more effectively, diversify them more effectively and earn the risk premium in a more tax-efficient manner. And your costs for bonds will also be lower.

There might also be other regulatory reasons. In October 1996, the Federal Reserve allowed U.S. bank holding companies to treat certain types of preferred stocks (what are called hybrid preferred stocks) as Tier 1 capital -- a key measure of a bank's financial strength -- for capital adequacy purposes. An additional reason for issuing preferred stock is that it can be structured to look like debt from a tax perspective and like common stock from a balance sheet perspective. Instruments structured in this manner are called trust preferred stocks.

There's another important point to cover. Longer-term maturities with fixed yields provide a hedge against deflationary environments. The problem with long-maturity preferred stocks is that the call feature negates the benefits of the longer maturity in a falling rate environment. Thus, the holder doesn't benefit from a rise in price that would occur with a non-callable fixed rate security in a falling rate environment. If the issuer is unable to call in the preferred stock, it's likely because of a deteriorating credit, putting the investor's principal at risk. Given that preferred stock issuers are generally companies with weaker credit ratings, and distressed companies are the very ones most likely to default in deflationary environments, the benefit of the high-yielding longer maturity is unlikely to be realized by the holders of these callable instruments.

Walmart launches free, 2-day shipping without a membership on purchases of $35 or more

There is a mandatory insurance for customers’ investments – the European insurance fund of investors;

A company has audits every month in order to check brokerage activities for compliance with all EU requirements;

A broker uses segregated (separate) accounts for keeping traders` money and doesn’t have a right to use them for any other purposes but for customers` operations.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, which operates independently of the UK government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry. The FCA regulates financial firms providing services to consumers and maintains the integrity of the UK’s financial markets.

A company annually undergoes an external balance audit in order to check if there is sufficient capital for traders’ transactions;

Posted by Peter Logan | Feb 5, 2016 | Reviews | 0 |

A company has equity capital which is not less than EUR 200,000;

Canada looking in to binary options bit more carefully now, traders are advised to pick a broker that is regulated. What is regulated?

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The following template explains how to perform an analysis of feasibility and options that are applicable to a given project design. This document aims to help project appraisers and proposers to figure out how to identify alternatives, check them for feasibility, and select the best one for their projects. In this template we give the definition of feasibility and option analysis and explain how to perform this analysis in three generic steps. Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you.

A list of the key steps for terminating a project

6 best practices for choosing ERP solution

The process of analyzing project feasibility and options aims to explore all feasible alternatives and provide evidence that the proposed project choice can actually be implemented with the best option available among all feasible alternatives.

The first and third steps are the components of the alternative analysis stage. The third step refers to the stage of evaluating feasibility of the selected option(s) to determine their economic sense and technical sustainability within the project environment.

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