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What is Forex EA Builder? Answered in our honest review
What is Forex EA Builder? Answered in our honest review

The Smart Keyboard never needs charging and pairs automatically thanks to the Smart Connector.

I’ve tested Logitech’s Create keyboard and found it to get the job done, however it was bulky and difficult to take the iPad Pro out of when needed.

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A merger begins when one company, the acquirer, makes an offer to purchase the shares of another company, the target. As compensation, the target will receive cash at a specified price, the acquirer's stock at specified ratio, or a combination of the two.

The arbitrageur can generate returns either actively or passively. Active arbitrageurs purchase enough stock in the target to control the outcome of the merger. These activist investors initiate sales processes or hold back support from ongoing mergers in attempts to solicit a higher bid. On the other end of the spectrum, passive arbitrageurs do not influence the outcome of the merger. 7 One set of passive arbitrageurs invests in deals that the market expects to succeed and increases holdings if the probability of success improves. 7 The other set of passive arbitrageurs is more involved, but passive nonetheless: these arbitrageurs are more selective with their investments, meticulously testing assumptions on the risk-reward profile of individual deals. This set of arbitrageurs will invest in deals in which they conclude that the probability of success is greater than what the spread implies. 7 Passive arbitrageurs have more freedom in very liquid stocks: the more liquid the target stock, the better risk arbitrageurs can hide their trade. 6 In this case, using the assumption that a higher arbitrageur presence increases the probability of consummation, the share price will not fully reflect the increased probability of success and the risk arbitrageur can buy shares and make a profit. 6 The arbitrageur must decide whether an active role or a passive role in the merger is the more attractive option in a given situation.

Baker and Savasoglu contend that the best single predictor of merger success is hostility: only 38% of hostile deals were successfully consummated, while so-called friendly deals boasted a success rate of 82%. 3 Cornelli and Li contend that arbitrageurs are actually the most important element in determining the success of a merger. Since arbitrageurs have made significant financial bets that the merger will go through, it is expected that they will push for consummation. For this very reason, the probability that the merger will consummate increases as arbitrageur control increases. 6 In their study, Cornelli and Li found that the arbitrage industry would hold as much as 30%-40% of a target’s stock during the merger process. This represents a significant portion of the shares required to vote yes to deal consummation in most mergers. Thus, takeovers in which arbitrageurs bought shares had an actual success rate higher than the average probability of success implied by market prices. 6 As a result, they can generate substantial positive returns on their portfolio positions.

Suppose Company A is trading at $40 a share. Then Company X announces a plan to buy Company A, in which case holders of Company A's stock get $80 in cash. Then Company A's stock jumps to $70. It does not go to $80 since there is some chance the deal will not go through.

In this case, the arbitrageur can purchase shares of Company A's stock for $70. He will gain $10 if the deal is completed and lose $30 if the deal is terminated (assuming the stock returns to its original $40 in a break, which may not occur). According to the market, the probability that the deal is consummated at its original terms is 75% and the probability that the deal will be terminated is 25%. The arbitrageur has three choices:

In a stock merger, the acquirer offers to purchase the target by exchanging its own stock for the target's stock at a specified ratio. To initiate a position, the arbitrageur will buy the target's stock and short sell the acquirer's stock. 1 This process is called "setting a spread". The size of the spread positively correlates to the perceived risk that the deal will not be consummated at its original terms. 2 The arbitrageur makes a profit when the spread narrows, which occurs when deal consummation appears more likely. Upon deal completion, the target's stock will be converted into stock of the acquirer based on the exchange ratio determined by the merger agreement. At this point in time, the spread will close. The arbitrageur delivers the converted stock into his short position to close his position.

expert advisor builder Archives - MetaTrader Expert Advisor
expert advisor builder Archives - MetaTrader Expert Advisor

It is a step-by-step action plan that teaches you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. This handbook has over 200 highly informative pages. These are not just pages instead you will have your own affiliate campaigns up and running when you will finish the handbook.

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Join the EA Builder Club and     The EA Builder Club
Join the EA Builder Club and The EA Builder Club

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an Alert-Only Expert Advisor - MetaTrader Expert Advisor Builders
an Alert-Only Expert Advisor - MetaTrader Expert Advisor Builders

The unix "file" command is really useful - I don't know if there is anything like it in windows. You run it like this:

It is possible though, but you have to have a pretty good reason for doing so.

Does it exist any "pattern" to analyze and deserialize the binary content of a file with unknown format?

And it spits out a text description based on the magic numbers and data contained therein.

By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

1 and 0

Profit Manager MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in
Profit Manager MT4 Expert Advisor Builder Plug-in

One unfair criticism I hear sometimes about the Martingale is “why risk so many units just to win one unit?”. They refer to the fact that you can reach a very high bet in order to regain your losses and gain one unit profit. This is an illogical criticism. Every bet has the same 2 to 1 payoff. No matter how much you bet, you can win or lose that amount. That holds true for Martingale and for any other (even chances) system. But people often look at the high bets of the Martingale and mentally they add all the previous losses, so they absurdly conclude that “you risk many units just to win one unit”. But you can look at this in the opposite direction and ask yourself “what other system has the ability to regain ALL previous losses with just one win?”. Answer: None. Do not underestimate the Martingale and do not dismiss it for the wrong reasons.

For a system like this, it seems an obvious modification to add some sort of “stop loss” parameter. And this is indeed a very good idea. Keep in mind however that Stop Loss is not panacea and there is always a trade off. Stop loss limits your losses, but it also limits your wins. Many times the next bet, which the stop loss will prevent you from making, would have been a winning bet. Anyway, a simple and effective variation of the Martingale is the 4-step Martingale, in which we are allowed to double our bets only tree times: 1-2-4-8. The 4-step Martingale will win roughly 15 out of 16 times (93% win rate). The wins will gain us 1 unit each, while a loss will take us 15 units back.

In 17 spins with only 5 wins and 12 losses we managed to stay ahead with 5 units profit. This is an excellent result that shows the strength of the 4-step Matingale, when there are no long losing streaks.

The Martingale is the most famous of all roulette systems and the epitome of positive progressions. It can be described in five words: double up until you win. It is designed for the Even Chances (Red-Black, High-Low, Odd-Even). On one hand there are sites that will present it to you as the magic way to win and on the other hand, in roulette forums there are people who will tell you that this is the surest way to ruin. The truth is somewhere in between. Martingale is an ingenious system with a weak spot.

By the tenth lost spin we would have lost over 1023 times our initial bet. This means that if we started with 10 euros we have lost more than 10,000! But most probably we would have reached the table limit even before the 10th bet, since in most casinos the table limit is 300 times the minimum bet and at the 10th bet we should bet 512 units.

How to Create Your Own EAs and Indicators I | Forex4you Blog
How to Create Your Own EAs and Indicators I | Forex4you Blog

In order to grab the member-ship of Auto Binary Signals, you are required to pay $97 only and that is ONE TIME payment. No extra charges or fees will be asked for and you will get instant access after buying these signals.

In order to share some live examples of success in trading with Auto Binary Signals. I am sharing a video with you in which you see a account banking excellent winning rate with Auto Binary Signals. Remember these are LIVE results in front of you. See How he is getting $372 in just 30 minutes.

Auto Binary Signal will help you to know and judge the exact and real situation of the market and will help you to take moves more smartly with right planning.

After that, you will be taken to the dashboard where it will giving you option to upgrade for PRO signals and other strategies.

If you want to tweak the countdown and want to increase or decrease the timer, then go to Option Type and click the tab. Now select the timer for your countdown. We would suggest you to take action as soon as alert appears since we don’t want you to loose out the opportunity of winning less trades in a day.

The first feature of Auto Binary Signals is that you don’t require to download this software for your computer; you can get the direct access to it. You will be given login details, login there to their member’s area and there you will get the signals without even downloading the software. Awesome na?

The top binary options ask you to deposit big minimum amounts with their brokers to trade well, but Auto Binary Signals allows you to deposit $50 only and start your trading. However, you may scale it up after getting success with their brokers, which is certain.

EATree is a MetaTrader drag and drop Expert Advisor (EA) builder. It is a windows application that runs locally on your computer. You can create complex MT4
EATree is a MetaTrader drag and drop Expert Advisor (EA) builder. It is a windows application that runs locally on your computer. You can create complex MT4

If you have any problems with the transaction please contact myself immediately and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Expert Advisor Builder | Forex indicator
Expert Advisor Builder | Forex indicator

Such deals allow them to get out from under the cost of running a broker-dealer, but preserves their brand and culture.

“There is too much of a value-add there. This definitely doesn’t make the full-time broker obsolete,” Mr. Kalt said. To bolster the argument, he went on to discuss the possibilities represented by sister firm brokersXpress LLC.

Senior reporter Mark Schoeff Jr. and managing editor Christina Nelson discuss the latest batch of comment letters on the regulation, this round focused on timing of the full implementation date.

The class-action provision is one of the most reviled portions of the Labor Department's fiduciary rule.

Through brokersXpress, the financial adviser opens the account and provides the client with a login and access, though both parties are able to see the account activity.

A money spread, or vertical spread, involves the buying of options and the writing of other options with different strike prices, but with the same expiration dates.

A time spread, or calendar spread, involves buying and writing options with different expiration dates. A horizontal spread is a time spread with the same strike prices. A diagonal spread has different strike prices and different expiration dates.

There are many types of option spreads: covered calls, straddles and strangles, butterflies and condors, calendar spreads, and so on. Most options spreads are usually undertaken to earn a limited profit in exchange for limited risk. Usually, this is accomplished by equalizing the number of short and long positions. Unbalanced option spreads, also known as ratio spreads, have an unequal number of long and short contracts based on the same underlying asset. They may consist of all calls, all puts, or a combination of both. Unlike other, better-defined, spreads, unbalanced spreads have many more possibilities; thus, it is difficult to generalize about their characteristics, such as reward/risk profiles. However, if long contracts exceed short contracts, then the spread will have unlimited profit potential on the excess long contracts and with limited risk. An unbalanced spread with an excess of short contracts will have limited profit potential and with unlimited risk on the excess short contracts. As with other spreads, the only reason to accept unlimited risk for a limited profit potential is that the spread is more likely to be profitable. Margin must be maintained on the short options that are not balanced by long positions.

On October 6, 2006, you own 1,000 shares of Microsoft stock, which is currently trading at $27.87 per share. You want to hang onto the stock until next year to delay paying taxes on your profit, and to pay only the lower long-term capital gains tax. To protect your position, you buy 10 protective puts with a strike price of $25 that expires in January, 2007, and sell 10 calls with a strike price of $30 that also expires in January, 2007. You get $350.00 for the 10 call contracts, and you pay $250 for the 10 put contracts for a net of $100. If Microsoft rises above $30 per share, then you get $30,000 for your 1,000 shares of Microsoft. If Microsoft should drop to $23 per share, then your Microsoft stock is worth $23,000, and your puts are worth a total of $2,000. If Microsoft drops further, then the puts become more valuable — increasing in value in direct proportion to the drop in the stock price below the strike. Thus, the most you'll get is $30,000 for your stock, but the least value of your position will be $25,000. And since you earned $100 net by selling the calls and writing the puts, your position is collared at $25,100 below and $30,100. Note, however, that your risk is that the written calls might be exercised before the end of the year, thus forcing you, anyway, to pay short-term capital gains taxes in 2007 instead of long-term capital gains taxes in 2008.

To be profitable, the price of the underlier must move substantially before the expiration date of the options; otherwise, they will expire either worthless or for a fraction of the premium paid. The straddle buyer can only profit if the value of either the call or the put is greater than the cost of the premiums of both options.

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