Microsoft Tech Support Scam 2016

Microsoft doesn't call you to offer tech support and does not provide phone numbers to call on its BSoD security warnings
Microsoft doesn't call you to offer tech support and does not provide phone numbers to call on its BSoD security warnings

Understanding Washington DC is important, but time consuming. The number of resources and news articles are overwhelming. One tool that I have started to count on for my DC information is the Heritage for Action Sentinel weekly conference calls.

An amazing opportunity! Hear both sides of the Article V Convention debate between Publius Huldah and Convention of States Director Steve Stechschulte. Steve will speak first, presenting his case and then PH will follow presenting the con side. Questions will then be taken from the audience until we are done. Attendees will leave with more understanding of the dangers of a convention called by Congress but will also receive the safe solutions the States can undertake to rein in the federal government.

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Website speed has a huge impact on performance, affecting user experience, conversion rates and even rankings. ‪‬‬By reducing page load-times, users are less likely to get distracted and the search engines are more likely to reward you by ranking your pages higher in the SERPs.

The Doctype is used to instruct web browsers about the document type being used. For example, what version of HTML the page is written in.

Great, your website is structured using HTML headings ( to ).

Search engines also have problems with frames because they can't crawl or index the content within them. Avoid them if you can and use a NoFrames tag when you can't.

It looks like most or all of your images have alternative text. Check the images on your website to make sure accurate and relevant alternative text is specified for each image on the page. Try to minimize the number of alt text characters to 150 or less (including spaces!) to optimize page load times.

fake nummer , nep-tech support , Microsoft , tech support scam
fake nummer , nep-tech support , Microsoft , tech support scam

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MFSA Regulated 48817 FCA ID# 524754*

Tech Support Pop-up Virus Removal Guide
Tech Support Pop-up Virus Removal Guide

"What Jamie has done is unique," Perriguey told The Oregonian/OregonLive by phone Wednesday. "I don't see how a person's gender has anything to do with driving, it doesn't, but biometric data is used to track people, for better or worse."

"I don't see it as a pretext for discrimination or as a way to not recognize Jamie," Perriguey said, noting that he was looking forward to an update on progress from the DMV expected in early July.

"We have statutory and administrative rule changes, we have to change our computer systems and contact our external partners," said David House, a spokesman for the DMV. "It's not as simple as flipping a switch."

Lake Perriguey, who represented Jamie Shupe in the case that brought about the change, said he understands that the change is not a simple one.

Now, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is sorting through the ramifications of adding a third gender option to the state's driver's licenses.

An Oregon judge ruled earlier this month that a transgender person can legally change their sex to "non-binary" rather than male or female, in a move that legal experts believe is a first in the United States.

The DMV currently only recognizes gender designations of "M" or "F" and, while they have made it easier for transgender people to transition from one to the other, they don't have any protocols in place for a non-binary option. The myriad changes required could be in place in as short as a few weeks or as long as a few months, House said.

"Right now we have more questions than answers," he said. "We don't have a deadline, but we're going to work on it as fast as we can."

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Tech Support Scams: Coming to a Mac near you - Malwarebytes Labs
Tech Support Scams: Coming to a Mac near you - Malwarebytes Labs

Typically, one of the two opposites assumes a role of dominance over the other. The categorization of binary oppositions is "often value-laden and ethnocentric", with an illusory order and superficial meaning. 6 Furthermore, Pieter Fourie discovered that binary oppositions have a deeper or second level of binaries that help to reinforce meaning. As an example, the concepts hero and villain involve secondary binaries: good/bad, handsome/ugly, liked/disliked, and so on. 7

A classic example of a binary opposition is the presence-absence dichotomy. In much of Western thought, including structuralism, distinguishing between presence and absence, viewed as polar opposites, is a fundamental element of thought in many cultures. In addition, according to post-structuralist criticisms, presence occupies a position of dominance in Western thought over absence, because absence is traditionally seen as what you get when you take away presence. (Had absence been dominant, presence might have most naturally been seen as what you get when you take away an absence.) 8

A binary opposition (also binary system) is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. Binary opposition is the system by which, in language and thought, two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another. 1 It is the contrast between two mutually exclusive terms, such as on and off, up and down, left and right. 2 Binary opposition is an important concept of structuralism, which sees such distinctions as fundamental to all language and thought. 2 In structuralism, a binary opposition is seen as a fundamental organizer of human philosophy, culture, and language.

Logocentrism is an idea related to binary opposition that suggests certain audiences will favour one part of a binary opposition pair over the other. This favouritism is often most strongly influenced by a readers' cultural background. The strong patriarchal themes in 'The Women and the Pot', an Amharic folktale, would be one such example of logocentrism. This tells the story of two women who are upset at their diminished role in society, and who consequently go to their King for help. He effectively conveys the message that women cannot be relied upon to take on a greater role in society, which becomes the moral of the tale. Prasad explains this idea; “The logocentric value is seen through the 'Eternal Knowledge' – the naturalness of male superiority – that is conveyed through the folktale. The hidden a priori binary opposition is 'Man over Woman'.” 16 In relation to the cultural heritage of an audience having an influence on their unconscious preference for one part of a binary opposition, Prasad says; “By way of studying a selection of Ethiopian folktales, the paper uncovers the presence of logocentrism and a priori binary opposition being at work in Ethiopian folktales. These two elements attempt to endorse and validate the 'given' subservient position of women in society”. 17

The political (rather than analytic or conceptual) critique of binary oppositions is an important part of third wave feminism, post-colonialism, post-anarchism, and critical race theory, which argue that the perceived binary dichotomy between man/woman, civilized/uncivilised, and white/black have perpetuated and legitimized Western power structures favoring "civilized white men." In the last fifteen years it has become routine for many social and/or historical analyses to address the variables of gender, class, sexuality, race and ethnicity. 13 Within each of these categories there is usually an unequal binary opposition: bourgeoisie/working class man; white/people of colour; men/women; heterosexual/homosexual. 13

Post-structural criticism of binary oppositions is not simply the reversal of the opposition, but its deconstruction, which is described as apolitical—that is, not intrinsically favoring one arm of a binary opposition over the other. Deconstruction is the "event" or "moment" at which a binary opposition is thought to contradict itself, and undermine its own authority. 14

According to Nasser Maleki, there is another example of this phenomenon whereby people value one part of a binary opposition over another; “we, as living in a certain culture, think and act similarly in situations when we want to pick out one of the concepts in the binary oppositions or while seeking truth or a center. For example, we give superiority to life rather than death.” 9 This suggests that the cultural setting a reader is a part of may influence their interpretation of a work of literature; “only one concept, from the binary opposition, is ready, in our mind, to be privileged and the other one is usually put aside as having the second priority.” 10 He reached this conclusion by giving a name to the shared western unconsciousness for a preferred binary concept- logocentrism. This is the belief that “an ultimate reality or centre of truth exists and that can serve as the basis for all our thought and actions. This might imply that readers might unconsciously take side with one concept of binary opposition, and Derrida traces this reaction as a cultural phenomenon.” 11


Along with setting aside savings, John insisted Connor apply to college. He also helped Bruggemann set up his investment advice website, and was careful to keep him from promising too much. "He looks at the Tim Sykes character as his model and believes that he has insight to give. He explains his process, some stuff he’s looking at, but I never want him to give the appearance that he’s promoting a stock. Hey everybody go out and buy X, Y, and Z because I’m promoting the stock. No. Please don’t become that."

It’s worth emphasizing here that, while The Verge could find no evidence of Bruggeman pushing penny stocks to his followers in an attempt to pump and dump shares, the basic nature of his website is fraught with that potential. Bruggeman says he is careful to indicate which stocks he is in and alerts followers when he enters and exits a stock. For now, the community following his watch list of stocks is fairly small. "We have 16 people it’s emailed out to daily. My Twitter is a little over 1,000. They don’t subscribe to me, but if I tweet, sometimes they will follow my plays."

Bruggemann has had his phone confiscated a few times, leading the school to contact his parents. "Last year I got a call from the school saying the physics teacher took away Connor’s cell phone and now I have to come and pick it up," said his mother. Bruggemann bought himself a new BMW with his earnings, a new Macbook for each of his parents on their birthdays, and iPads for his siblings. "I asked what time did this happen, and she said 9:35. I said you probably just cost him money. He trades stocks, 9:35 means the market just opened, he had to make a move. They told me he’s in physics class, he can’t do that, and I’m like, ok, whatever."

Microsoft-tech-support-scam - Hyphenet
Microsoft-tech-support-scam - Hyphenet

Forex trading is just like any other fniincaal investment tool. Takes money and some smarts and patience. Although their are a lot of perks with forex trading such as 24 hour trading, largest liquid market, and very high volatility, one should still educate themselves as you would on any type of investment. Unless you just do not care about your money.First I would recommend learning up on some technical analysis. Just search that phrase with forex in front and you will find millions of resources. Then educate yourself up on fundamental influence on the currencies. Everyone finds there own knack at trading the forex market so don’t blindly fall into a so called forex guru’s marketing trap.

In no particular order of reverence, I have gathered the top forex millionaires alive (bare in mind this is my personal list). This is a list of people I admire and look up to, learn a lot from their way of life, style of trading and anything I can find about them that concerns trading.

Bruce Kovner borrowed $3,000 to trade, turned it into $40,000 and then back down to $23,000 before deciding to get out. $20,000 of pure profits from an initial $3,000. Not bad. But coming back from $43,000, Bruce Kovner said that trade thought him one valuable thing every trader should know about: Risk Management. Kovner has a mansion in New York City that has a lead-lined room to protect against a chemical, biological, or dirty bomb attack. What can’t you do when you’ve got the money. He’s worth $4.8 billion dollars as of March 2014.

Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

these tech support scams are made to look like the official Microsoft
these tech support scams are made to look like the official Microsoft

Practice makes perfect and the opportunity for a FREE PRACTICE is always win/win! Check this out with

It would be nice however if there were more information available on this broker online. We noticed that there are problems with some of their web pages not loading well. While site errors do not on their own imply that a company is not trustworthy, they do make us wonder where their priorities are. There are also informational gaps on the website. You can find all the information you could want on GOptions, but a lot of it isn’t directly on the site.


More trading classics

Remove OSFirewall.exe fake Tech Support scam - Freezing Computer
Remove OSFirewall.exe fake Tech Support scam - Freezing Computer

Dollar-cost averaging is the practice of regularly transferring a certain amount of money into an investment account to buy stocks or funds. This disciplined approach forces you to buy more shares at lower prices and fewer shares when prices are higher. You can practice this investing strategy by simply investing in a 401k or 403b on a regular basis, or by having a set amount transferred from your paycheck into an investment account.

Cristina Guglielmetti, founder of Future Perfect Planning and certified financial planner, suggests keeping expenses low when you’re learning how to invest. Even if you have great investment returns one year, high expense ratios can slash your returns. Here’s how Guglielmetti suggests keeping investing expenses low:

Peter Lynch described the methods behind social data trading in his book “One Up on Wall Street.” Essentially, if you see a popular product or understand public sentiment toward a company, you can use that information to drum up investment ideas for beginners.

If you want to make headway on building wealth, simply saving money might not be enough. To optimize your savings, you should start investing.

Rains said even small amounts matter — there’s no need to wait until you have a big cash stash to invest. “Buy a mutual fund with a low minimum, no load and no transaction fee; set up automatic purchases or just invest random amounts whenever you have extra money,” Rains said. “Schwab has index mutual funds with minimum initial investments as low as $100. After that, you can invest just $1.”

When you invest, choose an asset allocation that reflects your risk tolerance and risk capacity. If you’re younger, you might hold higher-risk and higher-return stocks and fewer bonds.

Spoofing the Address Bar with the Malware Warning
Spoofing the Address Bar with the Malware Warning

Gamblers must also carefully weigh the amount of capital they want to put "in play." Pot odds are a way of assessing your risk capital versus your risk reward: the amount of money to call a bet compared to what is already in the pot. If the odds are favorable, the player is more likely to "call" the bet. Most professional gamblers are quite proficient at risk management. In both gambling and investing, a key principle is to minimize risk while maximizing profits. (To learn more, see Measuring And Managing Investment Risk.)

Investing and gambling both involve risk and choice. Interestingly, both the gambler and the investor must decide how much they want to risk. Some traders typically risk 2-5% of their capital base on any particular trade. Longer-term investors constantly hear the virtues of diversification across different asset classes. This, in essence, is a risk management strategy, and spreading your dollars across different investments will likely help minimize potential losses.

This is a key difference between investing and gambling. Stock investors and traders have a variety of options to prevent total loss of risked capital. Setting stop losses on your stock investment is a simple way to avoid undue risk. If your stock drops 10% below its purchase price, you have the opportunity to sell that stock to someone else and still retain 90% of your risk capital. However, if you bet $100 that the Jacksonville Jaguars will win the Super Bowl this year, you cannot get part of your money back if they just make it to the Super Bowl. Betting on sports is truly a speculative activity which prevents individuals from minimizing losses.

Microsoft tech support scam Archives - Official Tech Support
Microsoft tech support scam Archives - Official Tech Support

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Scambait Fake Microsoft Tech Support Scam Call 7/20/2015 - YouTube
Scambait Fake Microsoft Tech Support Scam Call 7/20/2015 - YouTube

1) Keep track of the stock and the option prices by using a trade journal. Write down important news facts, company events and what are the positive and negative effects of this news.

I have been successful at trading General Electric ever since the stock was at 15 by buying the 13, 15 and 16 strikes and riding the momentum higher. My 2012 price target on General Electric is $20. As of January 23, 2012, Credit Suisse has a $22 price target as it cites, "industrial profits return to growth." If you believe that the U.S. will continue to get better General Electric is a conglomerate that give investors exposure to financial, industrial and medical sectors. This diversified exposure can also be seen as a defensive play. I feel that General Electric can get to $20, but after a nice 26% rally (if you were buying at 15) to its current price of 19.02 (at the time this article is being written) I would wait to pull the trigger. Currently, I am looking at the $18.50 level before buying a deep in the money call. In my opinion if the stock can hold above $18.85 then we may be able to make a run for $20, but if not I am going to watch the price action as this stock gets closer to $18.50

Despite Ford missing earnings by 0.05 cents the last quarter, this stock has been up 19% in the last 60 days. In my opinion Ford is a stock that is a play on a continuing improving U.S. economic conditions and Europe. When reading through analyst's reports, Ford currently has a mixed view for 2012, and for every positive point on Ford you can find a negative one. When looking back on Ford, the last two years have been about growth, change and cost cutting (just to name a few). With Ford showing it can grow, change and effectively cost cut and still earn profit, I believe we are at the point where the stock is starting to look fairly valued. I am currently looking for $13-$14 as my price target for 2012. As mentioned in the trade above, I will be looking for deep in the money calls if the stock pulls back to $12 barring no major negative news.

Bank of America is another stock that has been on a tear ever since it was near $5 and investors have been making nice gains in the options market. When reading Frederic Ruffy's articles on options, this stock has a lot of big call buying going on in the April 8 strikes. For me, this has lately been more of a speculative trade, since there are better banks than Bank of America. While sentiment was generally bearish for 2011, it looks like 2012 is becoming a different story. I believe the stock will see $8, but I'd rather buy this one on dips and trade for a swing trade using deep in the money call options.

4) Be Patient. Generally, I like to buy deep in the money calls at least 3 to 4 months out using the seep in the money strategy. The time decay generally won't be as volatile as weekly or front month options. Also, using a minimum of 3 to 4 months provides a buffer where you give yourself time to be profitable on the trade and can hopefully weather out any short-term storms. While it's important to watch your stock, you have to remember that your stock is not always going to go up. In my opinion the deep in the money strategy is a way for you to take advantage of a small movement in price. With a lower break-even point and a decent time frame, investors can have a higher probability to profit using options rather than tying up capital buying the common stock. Investors will always have to analyze the trade and should be prepared to ask themselves whether they should close out the trade; buy more on dips, rollover, etc.

3) Give yourself enough time and within that time ask yourself where you would buy more, sell, rollover or convert to a spread. Before putting a trade on, ask yourself hypothetical questions on what are you going to do when you see your stock/option price move upward or downward. Practice using a play money account since option prices can move very rapidly at times. Time decay is also a big factor in options and a lot of times your idea is right, you just don't have the time. For more information on time decay click on this link.

5) Learning how to react. Reacting when a trade may not be going your way is important since this could save or make you a lot of money. Investors should have price targets on where you want to sell or buy more. Investors may not always hit their price targets, but this gives investors a reference point to where you might have to react. For example, let's say you have 10 deep in the money call contracts and you're now profitable; what do you want to do? Should you sell eight contracts and play with the houses money on the other two contracts? Or should you close out eight contracts and let the other two ride out, but sell upside calls thus creating a vertical call spread? I would suggest practicing this strategy first, using a hypothetical play money account so you know how to react to a situation and this will help you with your game plan.

2) Buy low and sell high. Once you have a group of stocks that you have done some research on and are looking to make an investment your goal is to get the lowest price possible. Look at technical indicators such as Relative Strength, Bollinger Bands and Full Stochastic. For example, you do not want to buy when relative strength is over 70, which is considered overbought.

Charles Schwab Trading Account Login

Sling TV is A La Carte TV, the only live service that lets you pick your personalized channel lineup and save.

Over 100 live channels available to stream instantly on all of your favorite devices: TVs, tablets, phones, computers, gaming consoles & more. Watch your favorite live sports, hit TV shows like Fargo, The Americans, Better Call Saul, SportsCenter, plus 10,000+ hours of on-demand shows and movies.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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New academic research conducted by Professors Michael L. Hemler, University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, and Thomas W. Miller, Jr., Mississippi State University, show that some options-based portfolio strategies outperform long stock.

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