Nasdaq Biggest Gainers

Small Caps were the biggest gainers in June, Nasdaq the biggest loser... the S&P (light green) bounced of unch for June yesterday and its 40DMA
Small Caps were the biggest gainers in June, Nasdaq the biggest loser... the S&P (light green) bounced of unch for June yesterday and its 40DMA

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It seems to us that CherryTrade has plenty of trading options and they make it very easy to place trades based on those options. The options seem to run on some very sophisticated technologies which we think will give investors a good chance to profit by using their website. They have some excellent learning tools and the site seems to believe that knowledge is power when it comes to being successful at binary options trading. It also features a wide variety of account selections with some nice perks as you go up in level.

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SpotOption is the software that CherryTrade runs on. It runs in a traditional graphic window based system that features a really clear and useful layout. It nicely displays all the settings and menu selections where the trader can clearly see them. The payout and return on investment ratios are also nice displayed to the side of the screen. There is even a handy trading sentiment indicator for the asset that is being displayed.

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Treasuries saw the biggest moves in the month  Fascinatingly, 30Y actually saw yields lower on the month even as the rest of the curve all rose (led by 5Y)
Treasuries saw the biggest moves in the month Fascinatingly, 30Y actually saw yields lower on the month even as the rest of the curve all rose (led by 5Y)

The new UPS pension fund will save UPS billions on future pension contributions because the contract no longer requires the company to make specific hourly payments to this pension fund.

By the next contract in 2013, the benefit level in the new UPS plan will be the lowest in the country and have been frozen for 16 years—and the pressure will be on to raise pensions in the Central and South.

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UPS may offer Central and Southern members a higher pension while putting the squeeze on every other fund.

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Biotech's biggest stock gainers and losers this summer in Massachusetts
Biotech's biggest stock gainers and losers this summer in Massachusetts

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HIGH RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.

5/15/2013 Market Update   Biggest Stock Losers & Gainers   Market
5/15/2013 Market Update Biggest Stock Losers & Gainers Market

During the scam, cyber thieves also request credit card data, and bill users for phony services or direct users to fraudulent Web sites that request users to enter credit card data and other personal or financial information there.

Scammers could be giving you a ring in a Microsoft phone scam designed to trick users into handing over money to cyber criminals posing as security engineers, the company warned.

To avoid becoming a victim, Microsoft advised users not to purchase any software or services from a telephone solicitor. If approached, users should ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the service and then hang up if there is.

Microsoft warned in an advisory that the phone scammers often posed as Microsoft employeesfrom a variety of departments, including Windows Helpdesk, Windows Service Center, Microsoft Tech Support, Windows Technical Department Support Group and Microsoft Research and Development Team.

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The NASDAQ composite posted its biggest loss since 2011, down 202.06 points, or 4.12% at 4,707.98
The NASDAQ composite posted its biggest loss since 2011, down 202.06 points, or 4.12% at 4,707.98

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9/3/2013 Market Update   Biggest Stock Losers & Gainers across
9/3/2013 Market Update Biggest Stock Losers & Gainers across

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Secondly, the Trusted Binary Bot only works with trends meaning trading the news is out of the question. By implication, it also means that the Trusted Binary Bot is prone to errors. Trends can reverse suddenly when the impact of news releases is big enough to cause a ripple effect in the market. And since the Trusted Binary Bot only trades on trends, it can also be trading based false premises meaning you will be making losses when you should be making a profit.

Based on what we have seen on the promotional video for the Trusted Binary Bot, this is an automated binary options trading software that was developed by 3 individuals, Peter, Alfred and Sam. Apart from their first names, no other information is available about the developers of this trading system. To us, this is one of the first red flags about the Trusted Binary Bot as there is no way anyone can check the authenticity of the claims made by the presenter in the promotional video.

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