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Synergy FX - Global Strategy Report | 24th February 2016 - Synergy FX
Synergy FX - Global Strategy Report | 24th February 2016 - Synergy FX

See at a glance the market hours and current status of the world's currency markets. National bank holidays and weekends are taken into account.

There are at least two reasons why you should track the major forex market trading hours:

How to numerically obtain delta?

Do your homework by visiting galleries and studios in your area and target market(s) to see the sale prices for similar types of art. Price yours to compete. If you’re selling directly (not through a gallery), you could offer special deals to make potential customers feel like they’re getting a bargain. If you’re also selling through a gallery, never undercut their prices; you may risk undermining your business arrangement with them.

Write or print out the tale of the painting on a little card to go with the buyer to its new home (Be sure to put your contact details on it). Hide your prices in the small print to keep the sense of intrigue.

With this method, you decide on a price per square inch (or centimeter), then multiply the area of a painting by this figure. You'll probably want to round up to a number that makes sense. If you paint smaller works, this approach may put you at a disadvantage, but you could use another measurement, such as the amount of paint used. Ideally, those who choose this style of pricing will be creating big, bold works of art.

Decide what percentage of profit you want to make over your costs for creating the painting. Then add up the cost of everything that went into making the painting, add the percentage, and you’ve got your selling price. The costs calculation can be basic (materials and labor) or comprehensive (materials, labor, studio space, lighting and sweat equity or a combination). Under this system, every painting has a different price, based on what went into creating it. Think of this approach as getting a return on your investment.

Using this tactic, paintings of the same size will all have the same price tag, regardless of the subject, how long it took to finish or how much you happen to like it. Create a price list based on size and stick to it, with possible premium prices set for commissioned paintings or other specialty work.

As coaches and mentors, one of our greatest of achievements is to see our students grow and develop to be more profitable and successful traders
As coaches and mentors, one of our greatest of achievements is to see our students grow and develop to be more profitable and successful traders

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Bonus with Investing & Online Trading Report membership (per month
Bonus with Investing & Online Trading Report membership (per month

It’s pretty clear that this is not the optimal way to look at these data and I would be extremely interested to hear from anybody with a suggestion for a better visualisation. Trying to look at all of the expiration dates together is probably the largest problem, so let’s focus our attention on those options which expire on 17 January 2015. Again the underlying price is indicated by a vertical dashed line.

I recently read an article which showed how to download Option Chain data from Google Finance using R. Interestingly, that article appears to be a close adaption of another article which does the same thing using Python.

The full code for this project (along with a number of updates subsequent to the original post) is available on GitHub.

GBP/USD Outlook August 6-10

Trading Foundation in the Supply and Demand Online Education Course
Trading Foundation in the Supply and Demand Online Education Course

The above example would create a numbered list as shown below.

The above example would create a bulleted list as shown below.

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Association Trade Show and Education Conference Exhibitor Registration
Association Trade Show and Education Conference Exhibitor Registration

Most of the leading online brokerage firms are well-versed in trading options. There are also a number of options-specific brokerages that have tools to assist options traders.

We have found that not only will you spend less to get into spread trades, but your profit potential and winning percentage can be huge. There’s nothing traders like better than to get paid to open on a trade such as a credit spread. At Level 2, you will also be required to have less upfront cash or securities tied up for your option trades.

Level 2 — At level two, not only are you approved to do everything in the other two levels, but you can now begin to do spread trades. When you speak to your broker, we recommend you try to get approval for at least Level 2 so you can participate in basic credit and debit spreads often discussed on InvestorPlace.

A call sold on an existing stock is also known as a “covered call.” The covered call is one of the most conservative and least risky option strategies available. For that reason, it is an option strategy favored by many options-trading beginners. Before you sell the calls, you have to own the stock (i.e., you’re “covered”) in the event the stock gets called away from you. It’s simple, and there’s virtually no risk to the brokerage firm. If you are forced to fulfill your obligation as a call seller (i.e., selling the shares at the strike price), the shares are readily available in your account.

Applying is easy, and often the entire process can be done online. Expect to pay anywhere from $5.00 to $19.95 in commissions per transaction (opening and closing) for an option trade. Some option brokerage firms have a per-contract commission schedule, with a minimum of, say, $14.95 per trade. (In other words, even if you only trade one contract, they will still charge the $14.95.)

Keep in mind, though, that in general, the lower the commission, the less customer support you can expect. Full-service brokers can charge $2–$5 per options contract, while discounters might charge a low flat commission per trade, regardless of the number of contracts traded.

Education Center Power Trading Radio Free Online Trading Courses
Education Center Power Trading Radio Free Online Trading Courses

This guy is a doctor, a psychiatrist. No. Seriously. At age 16, back then, he entered medical school. He understands psychology like it’s no one’s business, well, I don’t want to say this but… duh?! And applying his knowledge in the field of trading makes him one of the best traders alive. He has a couple of books as far as I know. One of which is widely recommended: Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading. The funny thing is that I honestly can’t tell how much Alexander is worth but judging from his past successes with trading and trading books, any could bet his net worth is well over the $1 million mark. However, I included him in this list anyway because he’s worth following!

We would like people who have already succeeded in forex to come to kenya and give us a talk.

Lipschutz is by no doubt one of the best forex traders alive. He inherited $12, 000 worth of stocks after his grandmother died. He invested a lot of time reading and learning about the market which was later to spike up his interest in financial trading. He turned this initial investment to $250,000 but lost it all, something he considered to be a very valuable lesson. He persevered and it’s now known that Bill has made over $300 million per year in trading only on the forex market.

In no particular order of reverence, I have gathered the top forex millionaires alive (bare in mind this is my personal list). This is a list of people I admire and look up to, learn a lot from their way of life, style of trading and anything I can find about them that concerns trading.

Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

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Become a Member Now of the Investing & Online Trading stock & share

Indesign preflight document settings.

Sending mistake free files to the printing house is a sign of a professionalism. Today there is a tool that can help you in this matter. It is a preflight option. It can help you to save time and to avoid the mistakes that can sometimes be devastating for your publication.

Hi there, Thanks so much for all the info. I still have a doubt though… I’ve created some illustrations in Illustrator with Pantone colours and I’ve linked this images to an Indesign file. I’m converting everything in Indesign to be CMYK (since the printer wants everything in CMYK). Do I also have to convert the illustrations I’ve done in illustrator in CMYK or should the edit>transparency blend space> CMYK be enough? Thanks so much for your help in advance. Lau

Preflight will check all your InDesign layout documents and also the documents that you have placed in the layout, like bitmap images and vector files.

Indesign preflight links and color settings.

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Trading Education Membership
Trading Education Membership

MORE: Everything you need to know about the Kentucky Derby

MORE: American Pharoah retires to life of sex, sex and more sex

MORE: Biggest longshots to win the Kentucky Derby | Derby records

Despite being an award-winning trainer, Todd Pletcher has just one Kentucky Derby victory to his name and I think the bad-luck streak continues Saturday. Always Dreaming will be a popular pick to win, having won the Florida Derby by five lengths in his last start, but he was seventh in the Road to the Kentucky Derby Points and hasn’t had the best training leading up to Saturday’s race. -- J.R.

— Win, place, show, or first, second and third. When you bet on the winner, you simply get the horse at its odds and if it wins, you cash that amount. So $10 on a horse at 12-to-1 nets you $120. If you bet on a horse to "place", or come in second, the payout is less, and same goes for "show."

— Exacta, trifecta, superfecta. These wagers force a player to pick the exact finishing order of the top two, three or four horses, respectively. The payouts are multiplied the more horses you put in these bets.

— Pick three (or four, or five, or six). This involves picking the winners of several different races at a track on a given day. It often pays out the entire pool.

You can make an "across the board" wager on a horse — a bet on that horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins, you collect all three; if second, two ways; and if third, one way, losing the win and place bets.

Stock Trading Course, Trading Education Videos | Nys Trading
Stock Trading Course, Trading Education Videos | Nys Trading

As the stock goes up in value, our ITM call will virtually track the stock increase penny by penny.

Also observe on the option chain that the strike price increments are five points wide. The ATM strike is 65, while the one above is the strike of 70, and the one below is the strike of 60.

As an example, the figure below is the option chain for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) as of the close on Dec. 2, 2009.

After the strike column, everything repeats for the put side. Notice that I have placed the deltas in between the bid and ask, since the delta is the heartbeat of option premium, whereas I have placed the gamma in between the high and low. The red ovals show the gammas on both the call side and the put side.

The answer lies in the Greek component known as gamma.

It is not uncommon for words to have multiple meanings, and this is the case with the term delta in options trading. The most common definition of delta is the change of premium in relationship with a 1-point change in the underlying.

Hence, as the stock is ready to move higher, the premium is valued at $5.12 while the new delta is at 0.9216, rounded to 0.92. When the stock moves to the new level of $65.88, then the new delta gets added to the premium ($5.12 + 0.92) to produce the sum of $6.04.

Gamma is the measure of the acceleration of the change in delta. In other words, as the delta changes so does the gamma, yet not at the same rate. Unlike the delta, the gamma’s value is the highest at the money (ATM). From that point on it decreases in value.

Currency Trading Youtube

The London Stock Exchange hours of trading are:

The stock market open and close Monday through Friday except on special holidays and may close early for special occasions. Some holidays that the market is closed on include:

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The New York Stock Exchange will not be open for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it will also close early on November 27 and December 24 in respect of the upcoming holidays.

While you don't want to throw too many variations into your promotional plan in the beginning, you should start by selecting 3-5 specific activities that will help you execute the marketing strategy that you outlined in the first step.

In your marketing plan, your mission statement is the foundation. Although it may not play a direct role in your marketing activities, your mission statement focuses on your business goals and helps you make sure that the marketing activities you conduct support the business's overall objectives. It's an effective tool to refer back to whenever you start to question if you are still on the right track.

It's helpful to create a sketch of the person or business that you would consider your "ideal customer." Not only can this help you identify specifics about them, but it can also help you personalize your marketing messaging.

For example, if one of the activities outlined in your promotional plan is to launch a direct mail campaign, your first few action steps may look like this:

If you don't have specific business goals yet, walk through this business goal setting guide to get started. Also, make sure you are attaching a specific timeline to your goals (i.e., a 90-day plan). That will help you create a more targeted and realistic marketing plan.

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