Trading Long Vs Short

if the long presure vs short presure is over/below 50/50 and at 50/50
if the long presure vs short presure is over/below 50/50 and at 50/50

You can use either the Alt key in combination with other keys or the Windows Character map to place bullets, accents, diacritical marks and other symbols into a document. By using an Alt-key combination or the Character map, you can copy and paste these symbols into different applications, even online applications, where a symbol created in a word processor may not be allowed.

Bullet symbols inserted by a word processing program are constructed from formatted code specific to that word processor -- so these are often incompatible with other applications. If you try to copy the word processor bullet symbol and paste it into another application, you may see either nothing, a line of un-formatted code, or an error message. Symbols generated by an Alt-code or the Windows Character Map do not generally share the same limitations and can be pasted into a wider variety of programs, including Web browsers.

The Windows operating system has an ASCII character code for every text and number symbol. The basic ASCII code set represents all common alphanumeric characters, while the extended code set includes special characters and symbols. The ASCII code for the bullet symbol, for example, is Alt-0149, and is part of the extended code set. To insert this character into a document using its ASCII code, hold down the "Alt" key, press the numbers on the keypad associated with the character code, and then release the "Alt" key. The symbol appears. Please note you must use the numeric keypad numbers rather than those along the top of the keyboard.

Free Binary Options Charts

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Why Trading Forex is So Difficult - Long Term vs. Short
Why Trading Forex is So Difficult - Long Term vs. Short

Hey Chris, You list Consumer Village as paying cash thru Paypal. My understanding is that they pay only with Amazon Gift Cards?? You may wish to check this out—I may be mistaken? Thanks for your site and all the info!

MindSwarms is a little different than most survey sites in that these are surveys taken via webcam. While that may be a little frightening to some, to record themselves talking, the payout will change your mind about that.

When it comes to taking surveys for money, there is one question that everyone wants to know: What are the legit survey sites that pay cash and which ones are scams?

This list below is in the order that I recommend them in. I did this so you would know which survey sites to begin with, and which ones to add to your arsenal as you grow you survey taking site network. Some of the surveys I have extremely in-depth reviews for.

Check out my Opinion Outpost review to see how to best use the site: My Opinion Outpost Review

Forex Trading Strategies | Long Term Trading VS Short Term Trading
Forex Trading Strategies | Long Term Trading VS Short Term Trading

As the TOP 10 popular Udemy downloader, Allavsoft also performs well in video format converting and features one step to directly download Udemy videos to MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV etc format. With it, users will never worry about the downloaded Udemy video format incompatibility problem.

Although professional, Allavsoft will never bother you by complicated handbook. This user-friendly app has clean interface and guide you to capture Udemy courses with three steps as below.

Copy the video course url you wish to download from The link of the Udemy video course will appear in the address bar of Allavsoft.

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With the above Udemy Downloader and its easy guide, all the following Udemy download issue will be solved:

Below is a step by step guide on how to download Udemy videos and courses.

How to download Paid Udemy courses? How to download video from Udemy? Have the need to download Udemy videos? If so, you come to the right place, this article will introduce a professional Udemy Downloader for Mac or Windows and a step by step guide on how to simply and batch download Udemy courses video to MP4, AVI, MP3 etc.

Tips: batch downloading is available.

Long vs Short term trading | How smart are u
Long vs Short term trading | How smart are u

First things first – get the background information before you start. Learn all about coding – how it works, the benefits of learning it, and what today’s common coding languages are.

Each review details the pros and cons, allowing you to make an informed decision.

These tutorials will give you a taste of binary code and four widely used website languages. If you decide you want to dig deeper, each tutorial finishes up with details on how and where to learn more.

Bookmark the page and check back often for the best deals on courses and software to help you learn to code and build your first projects.

Get a beginner’s introduction to coding here.

Treehouse's mission is to bring technology education to those who can't get it, and is committed to helping its students find jobs. If you're looking to turn coding into your career, you should consider Treehouse.

Although this site recommends various training services, our top recommendation is Treehouse.

Options trading long vs short snowboard -
Options trading long vs short snowboard -

cocostar98 | Student, Grade 9 | (Level 2) eNoter

This equation is used for calorimetry labs. An easy way to remember it is by saying "Q equals m-cat". Silly, but useful.

To determine the mass, we'll have to divide both sides by the product c*delta T.

You want to solve for delta T, c and m.

Thankyou :) I finally understood it properly! Thanks for all the formula's! :)

Wiggin42 | Student, Undergraduate | (Level 2) Valedictorian

giorgiana1976 | College Teacher | (Level 3) Valedictorian

AutomatedBinary Short Review

Forex long vs short   Forex trading platforms australia
Forex long vs short Forex trading platforms australia

Option Giants offers 3 different types of Auto Trading Accounts. In all cases we offer flexible account options so you can start trading with confidence.

To qualify for a Silver Account you must make an initial deposit of $ 10,000 – $19,999.

By clicking “Create Account” you confirm that you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Important! Please be sure that the name on the payment option matches the name in your Option Giantsaccount. Any payment received from a third party could be returned to the sender without notice. For more information on making a secure deposit please contact us at [email protected]

Long Shadows Candlestick example from
Long Shadows Candlestick example from

A. The newsletter alerts may offer ideas when to get in. And when to get out. Specific prices for each entry & exit point are easy to read in the Friday newsletter.

A. Just like leading investment banks or hedge funds, we value our privacy and prefer to keep our trading strategies proprietary, therefore this information is available for subscribers only. We suggest trying our service; first trade will be profitable or receive a full first month refund! Please note, weekly options are traded with high frequency; trades are not guaranteed, profits are not guaranteed. We’re not structured like a mutual fund or etf, etc; we are simply a very good weekly options trading newsletter. Please invest responsibly.

A. We focus on liquid stocks that have plenty of option volume. Rarely do subscribers inform us that they missed a trade. We realize the importance of entering a trade at specific current market prices.

A. A weekly options list or weekly options stock list is available at or you may search google or bing for the latest updates.

A. Yes. auto-trade is currently with

A. Unfortunately there is no ‘best’ strategy for weekly options. Successful strategies adjust to market conditions, and stock market conditions are in a constant state of perpetual change. The best strategy today may be unprofitable tomorrow, so a wise investor needs to be flexible. Weekly options have attributes that may produce big gains, but risk is high, and small but quick losses may occur often. One strategy for weekly options is to buy out-of-the-money call or put options, and hope for a big payday should the underlying stock make a quick, sudden, and sizeable move during the week that you are long the options. This can produce terrific gains. But many times the stock does not make the big jump, and investors are left owning options that are expiring worthless. Attempting to profit from expiring options is another strategy. Selling a weekly options call spread or put spread will keep time on your side. Weekly options carry a high degree of time-decay (also known as ‘theta’). Being short options will allow sellers of the option spreads to profit as time passes and the options become less valuable. Selling spreads as opposed to naked options will keep risk to a defined amount. Option spreads are a much safer and preferred way to invest in options. Weekly options indeed carry a higher degree of risk, but there are definitely strategies that allow astute investors to profit from these weekly derivatives.

A. You receive a Welcome email. You also receive our current trade that we are involved in. You also receive all trade alert emails via this newsletter for the next four weeks. This newsletter may offer prices when we are entering a trade, specific prices, but you may choose on your own what price you want to buy or sell your trade at.

Q. How many trade ideas will I receive per month?

Regulated Binary Option Brokers


Microsoft is enacting a reorganization that will impact its sales and marketing employees.

The company's technology now equals human transcribers and that might make your devices understan...

The moat is wide, the payout is solid, and there's tons of room for growth.

Qualcomm, Intel, and Microsoft will give you exposure to the growing smart home market while payi...

Big Blue’s revenue drops again. Is it time to buy these three more promising peers instead?

Microsoft's CEO was the right pick at the right time -- the results prove it.

Who the Xbox One X will appeal to, and whether it can close the gap with Sony's Playstation 4.

The software giant says the move isn't about cost-cutting.

Consumer driven supply chain with ONE network
Consumer driven supply chain with ONE network

CreditMoney received in an account. A credit transaction is one in which the net sale proceeds are larger than the net buy proceeds (cost), thereby bringing money into the account. See also Debit.

CoveredA written option is considered to be covered if the writer also has an opposing market position on a share-for-share basis in the underlying security. That is, a short call is covered if the underlying stock is owned, and a short put is covered (for margin purposes) if the underlying stock is also short in the account. In addition, a short call is covered if the account is also long another call on the same security, with a striking price equal to or less than the striking price of the short call. A short put is covered if there is also a long put in the account with a striking price equal to or greater than the striking price of the short put.

Futures ContractA standardized contract calling for the delivery of a specified quantity of a commodity at a specified date in the future.

AUD/USD Outlook July 30 – August 3

Auto Loan Calculator - Free Auto Loan Payment Calculator for Excel
Auto Loan Calculator - Free Auto Loan Payment Calculator for Excel

Now, I know there are solutions to this. I plan on installing a digital antenna and unplugging the Comcast cable all together so I can once again watch football in HD. But it’s appalling to me that Comcast has sent me a product that the company has billed as an “upgrade” that has actually downgraded the quality of my service dramatically. What’s more, Comcast is telling me I’ll need to pay an extra $10 a month to access channels that are free to access over the air.

There are times when you just have to tip your cap to Comcast for coming up with creative ways of swindling its subscribers. The company’s latest masterpiece has been the rollout of its channel encryption program, which now forces customers who have even the most basic television services to get all of their channels through a digital adapter box.

I called Comcast Monday morning and asked why I was no longer getting access to the HD channels that had been part of my service package. They told me that to get those channels back I would need to buy their special HD box and pay them a $10 monthly HD service fee. At this point I became incredulous.

The worst part about all this is that I’ll have little choice but to continue paying Comcast for a television service that I’ll never use simply because the company’s glorious bundling plans make it cheaper for me to have TV and Internet than just Internet alone. And it’s not like I can switch providers since Comcast has a regional monopoly in my area.

With business practices like this, it’s no wonder that Comcast has the lowest customer satisfaction ranking of any other American ISP. Unfortunately, the hatred that Comcast customers feel for the firm hasn’t yet translated into lost profits because it and Time Warner Cable have been so effective at carving up the country into little fiefdoms where they’re the only options for Internet service.

“Yes, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” came the response.

“So you’re telling me that I’ll need to now pay you an extra $10 per month just to get the same channels that I used to get?” I asked.

I first received my digital adapter box last week and installed it on Sunday just in time to watch football. When I flipped it on I was horrified to find out that I could no longer access the HD network television broadcasts that I had before been able to get by simply hooking the Comcast cable to the back of my television set. But with Comcast’s digital adapter sitting between the two, I can now only get standard definition channels.

Binary Operation Calculator Software

CTOption is run by a group of veteran forex and binary options brokers. Unlike most binary options brokers who use while label trading platforms from 3rd party companies like Spotoption or Tech Financials, CTOption made the decision that in order to be successful in the long run, they need to have their own platform. So come 2013, their platform is finally ready and the long waited launched is finally upon us.

One thing is for sure though, CToption is a legitimate binary options broker and can definitely be trusted.

The main trading page looks a bit like the Tech Financial platform (the one used by 24option) in that you don’t have any graphs cluttering the screen. The main screen just gives you one big list of all the currently tradeable assets, their current price, and how much time remains before the option expires.

Almost all binary options platforms claim to have a “tutorial” section. CToption have taken it one step further and have a “show me how” button.

Signing up is predictably easy. Just fill in a few simple details and your account is good to go. You obviously won’t be able to do any real trading until you deposit. CToption currently have the lowest minimum deposit requirements in the industry. Based at a mere $50, this really shows that they have some kind of long term strategy here.

Two Ways to Sell Options

In a general sense, the ratio is simply debt divided by equity. However, what is classified as debt can differ depending on the interpretation used. Thus, the ratio can take on a number of forms including:

Another popular iteration of the ratio is the long-term-debt-to-equity ratio which uses only long-term debt in the numerator instead of total debt or total liabilities. Total debt includes both long-term debt and short-term debt which is made up of actual short-term debt that has actual short-term maturities and also the portion of long-term debt that has become short-term in the current period because it is now nearing maturity. This second classification of short-term debt is carved out of long-term debt and is reclassified as a current liability called current portion of long-term debt (or a similar name). The remaining long-term debt is used in the numerator of the long-term-debt-to-equity ratio.

It is a problematic measure of leverage, because an increase in non-financial liabilities reduces this ratio. 2 Nevertheless, it is in common use.

A similar ratio is debt-to-capital (D/C), where capital is the sum of debt and equity:

The debt-to-total assets (D/A) is defined as

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