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Georgetown Music Store - Seattle A-List
Georgetown Music Store - Seattle A-List

Tradebot Systems, Inc. is one of the largest high-frequency computer trading firms in the US. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, they regularly account for 5% of the total trading volume in the US stock market. 2 According to the founder, Dave Cummings, as of 2008, the firm “typically held stocks for 11 seconds”, and “had not had a losing day in 4 years”. 3

Selling Naked Put Options: Get Paid to Buy Stocks at a Discount

When you need to create a custom field with managed values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have two primary options: a Lookup or an Option Set field. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the differences between the two, and the questions you should ask yourself before deciding what kind of field best suits your needs.

Another benefit of lookups is that they can be configured so that multiple values can be selected for an attribute, whereas option sets can only have one.

Let’s start with the option set. It is essentially a list of predefined options. In the “Standardizing State/Province Field” video, we created an option set with 50 values, each represented by a state.

Another benefit of lookups is that adding values simply requires creating a record, which can be done by Users if given the necessary permissions. Adding a value to an option set could require you to turn to the System Customizer for help.

For more tips, tricks, and tutorials, please refer to the Success Portal and

Lookups require records to be created. Therefore, each record could contain a description to further explain the value. For example, if you have a field called “Region”, one of the options could be “West”. If you have a lookup, the “West” record could list the states included in the region. That way a User could check to see if Arizona falls in the “West” or “Southwest” regions according to your company.

A lookup field works off of entity relationships. The Owner field is an example of a lookup that relates a record to the User entity. Using the State/Province example, if I wanted to create a lookup field rather than an option set, I would have to create a custom entity named “State”, and then create a record for each state. I would also have to configure permissions for the custom entity in order to grant Users access to it. This requires a little more work than simply creating an option set, but there are added benefits.

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Trading Musician - Acoustic Guitars | Cool Rooms for Cool Dudes
Trading Musician - Acoustic Guitars | Cool Rooms for Cool Dudes

This week we’re talking about Option Trading and Theta Decay and How Does it Work. And how does it affect your trades.

If you're just buying and selling shares of stock, you typically can't make money if your stock is moving sideways. You need upward or downward movement to capitalize on the long or short position from your stock trade.

Now double calendar is very similar to a single calendar but it is two calendars rather than one so I want to go over exactly how to set one up and this is just a quick overview video it's not indepth about adjustments or anything like that. Let me share with you exactly what it looks like first off and then afterwards I want to show you exactly how to do it in a trading program.

We’re just going to cover some basics regarding options, if you’ve never traded option contracts. We’ll talk about some options; maybe it will give you a little bit of foundation. Read More

In this episode, number 75, what I’d really like to do is go into some basics and just give you some more insight, some ideas about how options are traded.

Only In Seattle | Neighborhoods | University District | Trading
Only In Seattle | Neighborhoods | University District | Trading

Where does LADR fit in the risk graph?

We are a leading commercial real estate finance company structured as an internally-managed REIT. We conduct our business through three commercial real estate-related business lines: loans, securities, and real estate investments. We believe that our in-house origination platform, ability to flexibly allocate capital among complementary product lines, credit-centric underwriting approach, access to diversified financing sources, and experienced management team position us well to deliver attractive returns on equity to our shareholders through economic and credit cycles. Our businesses, including conduit lending, balance sheet lending, securities investments, and real estate investments, provide for a stable base of net interest and rental income. We have originated $17.2 billion of commercial real estate loans from our inception through December 31, 2016. ... More ...

Enter up to 25 symbols separated by commas or spaces in the text box below. These symbols will be available during your session for use on applicable pages.

Don't know the stock symbol? Use the Symbol Lookup tool. Alphabetize the sort order of my symbols

Photo of The Trading Musician - Seattle, WA, United States
Photo of The Trading Musician - Seattle, WA, United States

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2303 Ranch Road 620 S # 335-223, Lakeway, TX 78734

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Trading Musician - Seattle A-List
Trading Musician - Seattle A-List

* On each last trading day, the Post-Trading Full-Period starts at 12:30 CET and ends at 20:00 CET.

** On each last trading day, the Post-Trading Full-Period starts at 12:15 CET and ends at 20:00 CET.

*** 17:15 CET for non-quarterly expiries resp. 18:00 CET.All times CET

The pre-trading phase starts at 07:30 CET.

Trading Musician - Seattle A-List
Trading Musician - Seattle A-List

Employees with stock options have various ways to utilize their stocks including:

Company stock options come with a certain amount of risk. For example, most financial experts recommend not to buy too much company stock. You should also be aware of your time line because options have an expiration date. It is important to monitor the stock price leading up to the expiration date so you have a better idea of the value of your employee stock options.

As you most likely already know, stock is ownership in a company. When a company offers stock options to its employees, it is offering them an opportunity to purchase ownership in their company, usually by offering employees the opportunity to buy a specified number of shares of their employer’s stock within a set time period and at a prices established by the company. This can present a great buying opportunity for employees if the strike price is lower than the current market price, or can make the company stock options essentially worthless if the strike price is substantially higher than the market price. (One company I work for awarded me 500 company stock options at a strike price of near $10, when the market price was at $4 and falling. The company later folded. Needless to say, this is an example of a worthless stock option!)

A vesting period is the terms of when an employee is allowed to by company stock. Typically, a company will space out the vesting period over a period of several years, allowing employees to buy only so much in shares for each year. For instance, an employee is offered 100 shares of stock in the company. The vesting schedule at the company is spaced out over a four year period. During the first year, the employee will be one-fourth vested, meaning they can purchase 25 shares of stock each year until they become fully vested after the fourth year. The vesting period may vary for each company, with some companies requiring employees to work for the company for several years before they are eligible to purchase employee stock options.

Depending on your company, the strike price, and other factors, these stock options may be a wonderful benefit, or essentially worthless. Let’s take a look at company stock options to answer a few questions, such as what they are, how to value them, and whether or not they are a good investment opportunity for you (and if they are, what you can do with them!).

John my company sold, and we had stocks, and so we sold our stocks to the new company, how long before they have to pay us out?

Its endorsed by some of the foremost options experts in the world.

The Trading Musician - Music Store In Seattle Washington - VINTAGE
The Trading Musician - Music Store In Seattle Washington - VINTAGE

First of all, I want to sell only a limited number of the Robots (250 items), so no harm is done to me or other people who already bought it. Besides, there are over 150-250, maybe even 350 brokers with MT4 platform worldwide, and I am physically not able to check all of them and set up accounts in those where the Robot works perfectly.

When I first created the Robot it was quite simple and worked perfectly, but only with a couple of “easy” brokers. This was Version #1. Then I tried new brokers and created a better version which worked with most “regular” brokers, Version #2. However, there were still some “tough” brokers that required additional changes in the program, so I created Version #3. However, it worked only with a couple of those “tough” brokers. Next step was Version #4, which could make profits with ECN brokers. Then there was Version #5 that was even even better and faster. It had some UNIQUE parameters like “Automatic Order Size Increase”, “Trading Times”, and “Maximum Spread”.

Systems that always make money – regardless the ups and downs of currencies, conditions and market fluctuations, are called “Holy Grails”. Easy to fantasize about, hard to get one that in fact does this and brings you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So don’t be misled by all the “hype” you hear. Most systems are not Holy Grails and for even the trader with great experience and finesse, there is always lurking the “risk factor”!

Me and my programer are still trying to improve the Robot all the time. Whenever I have new ideas how to increase profits or make it more “broker-friendly” so it works even better with a higher number of MT4 brokers, we try to implement them immediately and send those updates to those who bought the Robot so they can make even more money.

You go with the crowd, you lose like the crowd!

Those two parameters are very unique. If there are losing trades, you can reverse orders or wait till they bring profits!!! So theoretically, you can always win!!!

My “MT5 FX ROBOT” is designed to remove the “risk factor”, the fear of losing and the fact of losing. Stay relaxed. Use the “MT5 FX ROBOT” on your platform and lie on the bed and watch a movie. Or lie on the beach and read a book and log in to see how your “MT5 FX ROBOT” is accruing you trade profits.

month ago by the trading musician condition excellent 198 views
month ago by the trading musician condition excellent 198 views

Your Fidelity 401k account is not federally insured the same way, for example, your deposit at the local bank is. Because of the normal risks inherent in inves

Sometimes you need more money than you have set aside. If you decide to take out a loan to raise some extra cash youll find plenty of options, including variou

Fidelity guarantee is a type of insurance an employer purchases to protect against business losses that are not under general policies for theft or burglary. F

A 401k calculator is a tool you can use to see how large your investment savings will grow by the time you reach the standard age of 59 1/2. Its an easy way to

You can get a guaranteed loan instantly by borrowing money from your 401k plan and even if you have trouble paying it back, the loan wont show up on your credi

A fidelity bond protects an ERISA plan from theft. What is a Fidelity Bond? A fidelity bond is a form of insurance that insures policyholders in the even

Opening an Account If your employer offers a Fidelity 401k plan, you will have to meet the requirements that are set up through your employer. For example, yo

The 401k loan is one of the most convenient ways to borrow money as it is not based on your credit history or your income. If you take out a 401k loan and deci

David Leask, chief reporter of Scotland’s The Herald, has written a companion piece to this article explaining why many Israeli binary options companies use SLPs, or Scottish Limited Partnerships, a corporate structure whose “owners can remain secret, file no accounts and pay no tax, just as long as, at least on paper, they do no business in the United Kingdom, the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.” The UK has a similar corporate structure that is favored by over 100 Israeli binary options firms.

The House of Commons in London (photo credit: CC BY-Alan Cleaver, Flickr)

“That some are now using SLPs to give a smokescreen of legitimacy while hiding the identity of the crooks running such operations, is doubly concerning.”

On November 15, the Israel Securities Authority fined an Israeli binary options company, DGI-Media, as well as its owner Gabriel Gabi Lavie, a total of NIS 500,000 ($129,000), for operating without a license.

The Israel Securities Authority hailed the administrative enforcement action as the first of its kind — meaning the first against an online trading company operating from Israel. But why is the company’s website,, still operating? And why does its web site list a Scottish address?

Money Making System Bios

High minimum deposit. When choosing a broker, minimum deposit is one of the things you should look at. If you don’t feel comfortable with a minimum deposit of €250 then you’ll need to look for another option because that’s required to open a real trading account with Opteck.

Account maintenance fee. In order to provide traders with a great service, Opteck charges a monthly account maintenance fee €7.50 which is going to be deducted from your account after the 1st day of the month.

If you don’t have an account with Opteck yet, use the link below to get up to 100% bonus from Opteck. The bonus offered is based on the amount you deposit.

Downside of the platform is that returns from quick options are not that high, however, returns from standard High/Low, Range and One Touch options are very similar to other brokers. We haven’t experienced any issues with the platform and based on our experience it seems to be a reliable platform for trading binary options.

Bronze – to get the account you’ll be required to deposit at least $1,000 and in addition to Basic account, Bronze account holders receive an intro session with an expert.

Selection of assets is very similar to other leading brokers so you won’t feel that something’s missing when looking for options in which asset to invest.

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