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At the request of ASDA/Walmart I have removed all references to any API and secret keys.

Combined with the Tesco API you could create a powerful price comparision app.

How to convert binary string value to decimal

Price: $308.50 per year ($25.70 per month).

But with all this choice comes the challenge of understanding these new and unfamiliar services—and figuring out which combination of them would serve your needs at the lowest price.

However, if you're a more casual sports fan or a supporter of an out-of-market team, cord cutting is still a worthwhile option. Sling TV—assuming it can hold up under the strain of future events—will give you ESPN and ESPN 2 in addition to a handful of basic cable channels for $20 a month, and for another $5 you can get even more sports options, including ESPN U, ESPNEWS, and the SEC Network. Add in an indoor TV antenna and you'll also have access to network sports.

The Plan (option 1): Sling TV with sports package and an indoor TV antenna.

In designing our guide, we took all of these factors into account and simplified things, designing five bundles of online television programing—one of which, we think, will suit just about any type of TV viewer. For each bundle, we show you the price, the projected savings compared to the 2014 average basic cable price of $66.61, and how many additional a la carte TV seasons (estimated $30 per show) you could buy before cable would be more cost-effective.

Even if you're only going to watch a few of these shows, the only way to do it is with a subscription, so buying just the programs you want to see isn't an option this time. The same is true for another prestige network, HBO, which offers its shows exclusively through cable or a new $15 per month streaming option called HBO Now (unless, of course, you don't mind waiting months to buy the latest of Game of Thrones episodes on iTunes). With these three services in hand, you should be able to fill in any gaps with a few single-season purchases.

This section contains any relevant information that doesn’t fit in any other defined sections More... Miscellaneousi

Fig. 1. Alocasia odora quickly reach a spectacular size
Fig. 1. Alocasia odora quickly reach a spectacular size

7800 N Sommer St Ste 101Peoria, IL 61615

901 W Morton Ave Ste 6Jacksonville, IL 62650

2328 S Macarthur BlvdSpringfield, IL 62704

How much i can earn in data entry jobs

Old Goat Trading Post
Old Goat Trading Post

It doesn’t matter if you have been trading for years or if you are totally new to trading, our information and simple methods will have you quickly reading, by pattern recognition, the market like a professional. The real secret is knowing how the professionals deal with risk and learning to make trading decisions using the same techniques they use.

If you don’t understand how the market works from an insider’s perspective and you don’t learn to trade the way the pros do, you are gambling.

So how did you fair in this recent round of financial market free fall? If you avoided huge loses, congratulations. If you suffered at the hands of Wall Street as most amateur traders did, you would have side stepped this massive transfer of wealth by following our system!

Giving control of your money to the exact people who have been taking it away is not a good strategy to accumulate wealth.

2012 Trading Post | Chicknskratch Productions
2012 Trading Post | Chicknskratch Productions

This is a typical option chain for Microsoft options that expired in January 2010.

After implementing this strategy for a while, you will come to see that most of the trades will expire and you’ll keep padding your account with instant income. It’s kind of like being the casino.

So, when selling put options or any options, people often ask, “What happens when options reach their expiration date?”

To access it, sign in or click here for more information on Investment U Plus+.

In the past, I’ve shown Investment U readers some of the ins and outs of put options – you can read all about them, but right now I’m going to show you how to profit from a real life example of selling put options.

Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado: Hours, Address, Top-Rated Historic Site
Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado: Hours, Address, Top-Rated Historic Site

Outsourcing is common practice for many companies and you may find local work-at-home opportunities by networking. A great resource is your local Chamber of Commerce. Many companies prefer to outsource certain positions, especially temporary or part time jobs.

You don't have to make an investment in order to work from the comfort of your own home. Companies like SpeakWrite, Convergys and Working Solutions offer viable options. Other options include MLM opportunities as well as other telecommuting companies.

This list of companies that hires home-based workers is a good starting point to begin investigating your options and start applying. You can work from home without making an investment. All you need is knowledge and tenacity in order to succeed.

This work-from-home company never charges a fee to its agents. There are no application processing or background check charges. Information about the organization and its hiring practices are available on the company's website.

A home based business does not have to require an investment. Today's telecommuting positions require little more than a telephone, fax, printer and computer. Most require high-speed Internet service.

The secret to developing a successful home business is to choose your niche. Many telecommuting positions include jobs for stay at home moms. Family-friendly organizations benefit from hiring and retaining people who are motivated to telecommute. Choosing a niche is a wonderful approach to establishing yourself as a professional telecommuter.

Part time work-from-home jobs offer flexibility and convenience but there are some considerations to make. The first consideration is the number of hours you are willing to invest in the venture. Your work environment is another important factor to consider as well.

Cowboy Bob's Trading Post -- horse and cowboy related on-line shopping
Cowboy Bob's Trading Post -- horse and cowboy related on-line shopping

Don’t be turned off by the cover charge some brokers and mutual fund companies require to get in the door. There are plenty of brokers that will let you set up an investment account with nothing more than the lint in your pocket, especially if you’re looking to open an IRA, for which a $0 minimum deposit requirement is common. (IRA shoppers: See our picks for best IRA account providers for 2017.)

New investors will appreciate that these brokers have people to answer questions online, over the phone and in person. They also have an impressive lineup of classes and tutorials offered both online and at local branches.

Trade Source, one of Schwab’s two trading platforms, is an ideal on-ramp for beginning stock investors. Navigation on the web-based platform is simple, the research and tools are robust and access comes with no trade minimums or fees. Investors ready to wade into more sophisticated research, screening, technical indicators and market data can easily venture over to the company’s desktop platform, StreetSmart Edge.

The field of brokers with no minimum deposit requirement for regular taxable brokerage accounts is narrower, but not by much. In addition to the $0 requirement to open an account, Ally Invest (which acquired TradeKing) and Merrill Edge are both notable for their low commission costs and nonexistent maintenance or inactivity fees.

The $0 initial deposit requirement at these brokers means you can open an account and start investing today with any amount of money.

These brokers offer a large lineup of low-cost ETFs and no-transaction-fee mutual funds.

Day traders can fall into traps when they don’t realize that margin is completely at the discretion of the broker. For extremely volatile stocks, brokers may cut the margin leverage ratio down to 2 to 1, requiring 50% instead of 25% excess equity. This becomes a major factor if an intra-day margin call gets triggered. The broker has the right to unwind a position, often at the worst prices, when a margin call needs to be satisfied.

Day trading is the activity of buying and selling financial instruments (stocks, bonds, options, futures or commodities) with the intent of profiting from price movements in the underlying security within a single trading day. While positions may be held for seconds to hours during the day, they are always closed out prior to the market close to avoid overnight exposure risk. Entering a position (also known as opening a position) and then exiting the same position (also known as closing the position) is defined as a round trip. For example, buying 100 shares of XYZ stock at $26 and selling 100 shares of XYZ stock $26.30 approximately 20 minutes later. Day trading is a series of speculative round trips executed inside of market hours. Swing trading allows for holding positions overnight to several days.

Since the technology bubble, the markets have become more efficient with computerization, as auction pits have been replaced with computer screens. Retail broker platforms and tools have advanced to allow day traders to analyze technical and fundamental information with a few keystrokes. While fraction-based price spreads have been replaced with decimal-based penny increments, the commission structure has also been improved. Access to news and information combined with instant fills and order modifications have produced more sophisticated day traders. Algorithm and high frequency trading programs control up to 70% of the market movements. This has provided opportunities for day traders that can take advantage of the price action.

Day trading typically utilizes margin for leverage during the trading day. Margin rates and requirements vary depending on the

Stock brokers will allow traders to leverage their cash to increase their intraday buying power.

FINRA implemented the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) Rule 4210, which defines day trading as executing four or more round trip trades within any rolling five business day period for accounts with less than $25,000 in equity. This basically means accounts under $25,000 are restricted to three round trips within a five-day period. Violation of this rule can result in a 90-day account freeze. This rule applies to stocks and options. The bottom line is a minimum of $25,000 is required to day trade. Realistically, $30,000 should be considered a starting point to avoid PDT Rule restrictions.

financial instrument and the broker. For stocks and options, day trading buying power has a leverage ratio of 4 to 1 or four times the maintenance margin excess in the account. In simpler terms, it means you can purchase stocks and options at only 25% of the price (4 to 1) with the excess cash in the account. Margin excess is the account equity minus margin requirement. Overnight margin is 2 to 1 or 50% of the value of position(s).

Nadex Demo Account

OptionsClick have not been fined by CySEC, they have a clean track record. The TechFinancials platform they use is good. But are their Headquarters really in Nicosia? Is their Call Centre really in Treppides Tower? And who owns the company? There is just not enough of a feel good factor about this company and in light of the Times of Israel articles, this is a broker to steer clear of.

On attempting to enter the OptionsClick site I was met with this:

OptionsClick offer returns from 70% up to 85% so let’s assume that the client only makes trades when there’s an 85% return. The client places $60 on an 85% return trade. Assuming that the client has no specific skills or has no inherent bad luck, then their probability of winning is 50:50, or 50%. Therefore, their expected return after one trade is:

OptionClick requires the client to trade 60x the value of the bonus before the bonus can be withdrawn. In OptionsClick’s own words:

On the Leadtrade page on CySEC’s site there is nothing but an address, half in Greek, half in English. The ‘smoke and mirrors’ has started!

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